Beloved Superhero Celebrates 75th Birthday

The 'Man of Steel' depicted as fresh-looking icon in new version of Superman comic.
1:25 | 06/01/13

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Transcript for Beloved Superhero Celebrates 75th Birthday
75 years old and about to leap tall buildings -- a single bound still faster than a speeding bullet. So what's his secret and why can we need Superman in the first place but -- BC's John -- They -- in -- of Superman TV defense to the disputed bulletin horrible about it but marquis and also as the world's. Slowest aging pop icon 75 years old. His story is being fresh and up again and he is looking great with the release in two weeks of man of steel. And this is the umpteenth depiction we've seen in 75 years starting with the early comics when there was a depression -- about 2000 miles away. I can beat -- thirty seconds and -- movie shorts as America fought in world war. And in the 1950s when TV was born. A 104 episodes of The Adventures of Superman. Plus commercials leader Christopher Reeve played him and then it was TV again with super boy and Lois and Clark and Smallville. And through these -- takes on Superman where he evolved and loved and lost and even once died. Something was constant and it appealed the fact that this superhuman was after all. Pretty humid. For man coverage you -- to get here but somebody had to -- man of -- he sure is up. And John Donvan ABC news Washington.

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{"id":19306549,"title":"Beloved Superhero Celebrates 75th Birthday","duration":"1:25","description":"The 'Man of Steel' depicted as fresh-looking icon in new version of Superman comic.","url":"/WNT/video/beloved-superhero-celebrates-75th-birthday-19306549","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}