Bernie Sanders Closing in on Hillary Clinton in Ohio

Sanders and Clinton are locked in a tight race ahead of Tuesday's primary.
3:43 | 03/14/16

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders Closing in on Hillary Clinton in Ohio
The democratic side tonight into a critical moment for Hillary Clinton can she finally close the deal or will there be another supplies like Michigan. Overnight during a town hall mrs. Clinton acknowledging she's not very good at this part of the campaigning. And went on to explain why you'll hear from her in a moment. Meantime confident Bernie Sanders fueled by Michigan hoping for another upset against Clinton. And tonight here in new poll showing Hillary Clinton with a slight edge in Ohio but that lead even smaller. And what the polls showed going into Michigan. ABC Cecilia Vega weave the Clinton acknowledging her weaknesses on the trail. Hillary Clinton in Chicago turning it attack on Donald Trump instantly. Campaign rallying cry that people run for president ought to unite our country not divide. Our country. But before true Bernie Sanders now closing the gap in Ohio. Few weeks ago people saying Bernie Sanders winning Ohio. No way encroaching on Clinton's lean. Good vote tomorrow people come out what better way to here. A Buckeye State lost not enough to block Clinton's path to the nomination. But it would be an embarrassing setback and a reminder of the Vermont senator's straight among young voters SNL this weekend joking that. It isn't morphing into Sanders to win over that coveted group. Millennial. You're fired up here angry and I'm angry too because the top 10%. Of the top one plus I'm good old ninety. And the only thing that. Clinton admits she still struggles to connect with some voters insisting she's not a natural campaigner like her husband or President Obama. I watch my husband campaign I watch present Obama campaign it is poetry I mean it is just. I mean I get carried away and I've seen them a million times you know I got us my government should you know both of them. I know that that's not necessarily my four. Retain and Hillary Clinton isn't the only one with a lot riding on tomorrow Bernie Sanders needs to win state and he needs to win delegates in order to stay in this race and that is why it outspending Clinton ink TV ads that every state except for one heading to the polls tomorrow. David. Cecilia Vega with us tonight to sue you thank you let's get right to ABC's Jonathan Karl tonight with the bottom line here. The two states jobs watching tomorrow the could determine all the Republican side and John if Donald Trump. Wins Florida and wins Ohio will he be the nominee. David we've done the math and by our calculations. If trump wins both Ohio and Florida tomorrow. He will be well on his way to clinching the Republican nomination. He'll still need to win 54% of all delegates going forward. But that will be much easier as both Marco Rubio and John Kasich would almost certainly dropped out. After losing their home states trump would be well on his way as you point out in the meantime let me ask it this way if trump. Loses Ohio stated John case it. Then when we have. Well if he loses Ohio and the latest polls do give. John Kasich a slight lead there it makes it highly likely even probable that he would have to fight to get the nomination all the way. To a contested Republican Convention this summer in Cleveland. Right Jon Karl with us tonight Jon we'll see you tomorrow night and one more image that caught our eye Hillary Clinton on the trail. Often with a harsh critique of the bush administration and then this image just surfacing today. Sharing and embrace former president George W. Bush there hugging and laughing with Clinton before Nancy Reagan's funeral service last week. Former residence of the White House perhaps with more in common. And we often think.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Sanders and Clinton are locked in a tight race ahead of Tuesday's primary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"37644537","title":"Bernie Sanders Closing in on Hillary Clinton in Ohio","url":"/WNT/video/bernie-sanders-closing-hillary-clinton-ohio-37644537"}