New Warnings About Over-Use of Antibiotics

New warnings released about over-use of antibiotics.
2:41 | 03/17/12

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Transcript for New Warnings About Over-Use of Antibiotics
There is a chilling new warning tonight about the overuse of antibiotics by one estimate US pediatricians right more than ten million unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions every year and tonight. There are real questions about whether there will be new ones. The fight bacteria that's growing even stronger. The average person it's -- it's three to five times. It was the central fear of the movie contagion how quickly disease could spread especially for not armed to fight -- we have another window treatment of colon and no vaccine is. But this fear that we could face a moment when there wouldn't be a new drug effective enough to treat a fast moving condition. World health leaders now say is a very real one. You are now being -- by the World Health Organization -- headlines this week -- like a sore throat could soon be fatal bugs are becoming more resistant to antibiotics. A warning from the world's top doctors fearing that the antibiotics now prescribe will not be able to block or kill much of the bacteria that is mutated. Beyond what our current drugs can fight. The world health organization's chief doctor Margaret Chan saying the world is entering an -- -- -- a crisis which could make routine operations impossible. And -- scratched from the potentially fatal. And we heard the warning from the doctor that even the most common infection -- scrape of the need we might have trouble fighting. We thought would bring in doctor Richard -- for -- reality check tonight rich. Are we talking about hype here or a true concern me this is very real this is the looming health crisis we're seeing more and more infections where we're down to the last -- the last thread between you and a deadly infection but you've been reporting on this for quite some time and so the question is why haven't we develop more antibiotics by now. Well you know this is a clear case of market failure they're fewer and fewer drug companies and when they're looking to make a new drug. They wanted drug -- take every day for the rest of your life -- for diabetes or high blood pressure. An antibiotic you may take only once in your entire life and getting more money off the other drugs and -- -- antibiotics -- in the meantime. When you're at the doctor's office what do you say when you're not feeling well what you -- makes a big difference you wanna say what can -- -- to feel better faster and many times that's not an antibiotic. And if you ask for an antibiotic you're more likely to get one even if you don't need.

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{"id":15946642,"title":"New Warnings About Over-Use of Antibiotics","duration":"2:41","description":"New warnings released about over-use of antibiotics.","url":"/WNT/video/besser-antiboiotics-resistance-warnings-health-15946642","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}