The Best Dogs in America

From the most athletic to the best companion, find out which dogs make the cut.
2:09 | 02/13/13

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Transcript for The Best Dogs in America
everyone knows, the best in show at fancy westminster was a spiky little guy named banana joe. The dog is an affenpinscher, chosen because, of course, he is a nearly perfect specimen out of the text book. Short muzzle, blunt nose, straight front leg. And a tail perfectly curled. But all of us at "world news" think we love the imperfections in our dogs the best. So thanks to all the pictures you sent us, nick watt creates his awards for the docks that are best in life. Reporter:2,700 purebred furballs were vying for that coveted title, best in show. Banana joe! Reporter: Little banana joe crowned tog. Good for him, if you like that sort othing. As far as I'm concerned, you can keep you fancy pants dogs. Dogs like dexter who are really good at sitting down are the true heroes, the real dogs of this country. So, we decided to have our own awards. The best dogs in america. You sent us hundreds of nominees. Small dogs, smiley dogs, and oh so many in costume. The most competitive category -- most athletic. Our judges' ruling? B baxter, the jet-skiing labradoodle runs away with it. They say dog show people often look like their animals. So do some of you. Our lookalike winners? Brodie and sergeant amber knickman. Nice. Moving on to talent -- a tie between maya the dog-dog-walker and paige, who tackles laundry, art and groceries. A for effort to riley, a pudge,pooch who can, eventually, ro over. Now those owners at westminster got their purebred pooches to primp, to pose, for prizes. For most people, there's a much better reason. And why did you get a dog? Just really wanted the companionship. Moved into an apartment by myself, so just really wanted that companionship. Reporter: Dexter, runner up in our best companion competition. But the winner is cooper, holding hands with madelynn. Both asleep on the long ride home. Nick watews, los angeles. And long may they reign. And we thank you for watching.

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{"id":18495576,"title":"The Best Dogs in America","duration":"2:09","description":"From the most athletic to the best companion, find out which dogs make the cut.","url":"/WNT/video/best-dogs-america-18495576","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}