Biden kicks off 1st foreign trip since taking office

The president will meet with G7 country leaders and Queen Elizabeth, then with NATO and EU members in Geneva, finishing with a high-stakes one-on-one with Vladimir Putin.
3:37 | 06/09/21

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Transcript for Biden kicks off 1st foreign trip since taking office
And we begin with president Biden on the foreign stage. Landing this afternoon in the uk. Three countries in eight days, meetings with allies, with queen Elizabeth and that high stakes face-to-face summit with Vladimir Putin. The first and first lady arriving late today. The first stop, speaking to 1,000 American troops and their family members. The president saying his trip is to reaffirm our alliances, telling our allies the U.S. Is back. And telling auto cats the Democrat sips of the world are standing together. And on Vladimir Putin, the president saying he will, quote, let Putin know what I want him to know. The upcoming meeting comes after the crippling russian-based cyber attacks in the U.S., affecting gas prices and the U.S. Meat supply. But the list he'll bring up with Putin is long. ABC's chief white house correspondent Cecilia Vega traveling with the president. Reporter: Tonight, president Biden kicking off his first trip abroad with a visit to troops and a blunt message for both allies and adversaries. I'm heading to the g7, then to the nato ministerial, and then to meet with Mr. Putin to let him know what I want him to know. Reporter: Biden immediately drawing a stark contrast with former president trump's tense relationship with America's European allies. We're going to make it clear that the United States is back and democracies of the world are standing together to tackle the toughest challenges and the issues that matter most to our future. Reporter: Trump bashed nato from the very beginning, questioning the value of the alliance itself. President Biden now making it clear, these relationships matter. Our alliances weren't built by coercion or maintained by threats. They're grounded on democratic ideals and shared visions of the future and where every voice matters. Reporter: The president then turning to that high stakes meeting with Vladimir Putin. I'll travel to Geneva to sit down with a man I've spent time with president, president Vladimir Putin. Reporter: On the table -- Russia's efforts to meddle in the election, the recent ransomware attack on the colonial pipeline that led to gas shortages and price spikes, and the cyber strike on the nation's largest beef producer. Both believed to have originated in Russia. Also on the agenda -- shared issues like arms control. We are not seeking conflict with Russia. We want a stable, predictable - relationship, but I've been clear -- the United States will respond in a robust and meaningful way when the Russian government engages in harmful activities. And Cecilia Vega with us live torn from Cornwall. And president Biden's message was clear there, saying that America is back, ready to lead. But of course, one of the questions tonight, are U.S. Allies fully ready for that? Reporter: David, it really seems like they are. In fact, the president has already heard from a number of them and they're praising, in their words, for president Biden's re-engaging, bringing America back to the world stage. But make no mistake, this is not going to be an easy task. President Biden, he says this is just the beginning of the conversations. But David, he says the timing could not be more crucial for this country and these allies, given these repeated threats from adversaries like Russia. Cecilia Vega leading us off tonight. She'll be with us every night following this. President Biden's trip is a busy one. It will end with that face-to-face meeting with Vladimir Putin. Next Wednesday, our coverage throughout the day here on ABC. And on "World news tonight" next Tuesday and Wednesday night. We'll see you then.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"The president will meet with G7 country leaders and Queen Elizabeth, then with NATO and EU members in Geneva, finishing with a high-stakes one-on-one with Vladimir Putin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"78183924","title":"Biden kicks off 1st foreign trip since taking office","url":"/WNT/video/biden-kicks-off-1st-foreign-trip-taking-office-78183924"}