Big Day for American Athletes in Sochi

Ted Ligety becomes the first American to take two golds in skiing plus. heartbreak for 15 year old Russian figure skating prodigy.
3:00 | 02/19/14

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Transcript for Big Day for American Athletes in Sochi
And next, right here tonight, we head to sochi and the olympic games. A big day for two of the most popular sports. The American athletes who play them, as well. Hockey, go usa, and figure skating. Where all eye worse on a 15-year-old prodigy, and then, her heartbreak. ABC's Matt Gutman is there. Reporter: When 15-year-old yulia lipniskaya takes the ice, people expect her to dazzle as she did last week. Flexible, her signature moves are spins. That leg going beyond 180 degrees. Watch again as she rotates 15 times in 6.5 seconds. But in the olympic pressure cooker, on a jump at the end of her program, she crashed hard. She completed her routine, but was visibly upt, finishing fifth. Minutes earlier, the steely nerved reigning olympic champion, yuna Kim, the etherial south Korean, renowned for her jumps. Her signature move at last year's world championship. A triple lutz-triple toe loop combination. Watch again. Launching off the ice. Her shoulders and hips in complete alignment, the faster she goes, the higher she jumps. Helicoptering over 25 feet from start to finish. She leads the pack today, going into tomorrow's final skate. American Gracie gold delivering a strong performance, is in fourth place. From the skates to the slope, where today, Ted ligety became the only American ever to win two alpine skeeg gold medals. Watch this earlier run. Ligety blazing into the turns at over 80 miles an hour. Watch again, his body almost horizontal. His hips nearly brushing the snow, picking up even more speed. We're going to use this odometer to try to get down that hill and time it, see how fast we can go. It felt fast, but we clocked in at barely 25 miles an hour. Woo! Watch ligety here. He items us it's all about technique. Trying to say super compact. Those tenths of a second matter when you are trying to win races. Reporter: One more big U.S. Win tonight. The usa men's hockey team toppling the Czech Republic. They're in the semis with a shot at their first gold since the 1980 miracle on ice. But they won't be facing the Russians this time. That team hanging up their skates after a loss in an event that many Russians said was the only one that matters.

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{"id":22591789,"title":"Big Day for American Athletes in Sochi","duration":"3:00","description":"Ted Ligety becomes the first American to take two golds in skiing plus. heartbreak for 15 year old Russian figure skating prodigy.","url":"/WNT/video/big-day-american-athletes-sochi-22591789","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}