Another Big Winter Storm Hits the South Then Heads North

Dangerous ice, snapped power lines, downed trees and deserted highways are just the beginning.
3:00 | 02/12/14

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Transcript for Another Big Winter Storm Hits the South Then Heads North
And as we come on the air, 100 million Americans are bracing for a new blast of ice and snow. This map tells the story. Watch the storm system move. Caking the south in deadly ice, then heading north. About to pummel the northeast with snow. Right now, these postcards from the storm zone are streaming in. Georgia, power lines snapped, trees down. In Atlanta, deserted highways. They learned their lesson from the last storm. But not North Carolina. Look at that massive jam. ABC meteorologist ginger zee has the latest forecast on where the storm is headed. First, ABC's Steve osunsami, tracking a dangerous commute home for millions across the south. Reporter: Those pictures from Raleigh, this evening, trades of the traffic mess that was Atlanta two weeks ago. Drivers rushing them their families are getting stranded on the roads tonight in the blowing snow. Avoid I-85 at all times because it is not looking good right now. Reporter: The storm has claimed hills and side streets. Drive Erps are having to push each other out. Atlanta, clearly learned the lesson. A ghost town today during all the sleet and ice. Here's what it looked like here two weeks ago when the whole city rushed home at once, strike to beat the falling snow. And here's the quiet on this same highway today. We have a good deal of time before all of this is going to end. Reporter: Families are staying safe at home, allow the few salt trucks here to attack the icy roads in peace. They're working 12-hour shifts. Reporter: The state transportation cameras showed empty roads. This storm will be cleared and we'll be back to Normal and we will do it as quickly as possible. Reporter: But it's still so icy, even the salt trucks are slipping. This one overturned north of the the city. And an ambulance that was rushing to the hospital with a patient got stuck on the ice and neighbors had to clear a path with their shoes and dust pans. Go, baby! You can't get around. You can't get to the store. My wife is a pharmacist for publix. She can't get there. Reporter: The ice was tough on power lines. A 300-foot long line covered in two inches of ice is 2,200 pounds heavier. When it is struck by an icy tree climb, power is cut out. More than 350,000 people are in the dark tonight across seven states. More than 3,300 flights were canceled today and another 3,200 are canceled tomorrow. And not just in the south. Nearly 5 million passengers nationwide are affected. None of this is anything people down here are used to, at least nine people have been killed in this storm. And there's still the threat of more snow for this city tonight. George? Okay, Steve. Thanks. Let'sginger zee. More snow in Atlanta, that's just the beginning. The whole east coast is in for it. Reporter: That's right. We're looking at right here behind us, a gorgeous Manhattan skyline. You're not going to be able to see it in eight hours. That's right. We will be seeing visibilities reduced, the snow will start flying. Let me time it all out for you. It's still happening for parts of the south, northern Alabama, all the way through eastern Tennessee, western north Carolina and that pink, remember, represents freezing rain and sleet. But here's what's really important. Tomorrow morning, 7:00 A.M., Philadelphia, right on the line, so, they've had heavy snow overnight and then it changes over. See how New York City, just gets going then? Well, this is what's going to happen for so many folks along the coast. It will be snow and then it will change to freezing rain or sleet and then eventually even rain. Boston, rain for much of the day. Wraps up for everybody by early Friday morning. Here is what's left behind. The heaviest snow totals are going to be west of I-95. You see the foot-plus in parts of eastern Pennsylvania, just west of Washington, D.C. And, yes, west of New York City and Boston. All in interior parts of new England. By the way, this thing so energetic, tornado reported in Florida and severe weather there, too. You know we'll be on it tomorrow morning on "Gma." See you then, ginger, thank

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{"id":22488363,"title":"Another Big Winter Storm Hits the South Then Heads North","duration":"3:00","description":"Dangerous ice, snapped power lines, downed trees and deserted highways are just the beginning.","url":"/WNT/video/big-winter-storm-hits-south-heads-north-22488363","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}