Biggest Financial Data Leak in History

U.S. Justice Department investigating whether any American money-laundering laws were broken.
1:49 | 04/04/16

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Transcript for Biggest Financial Data Leak in History
Let's Justice Department is now investigating what some are calling the biggest data leakage history. Involving world leaders and where some of them are accused of hiding their money in many cases. In an effort to avoid taxes tonight eleven and a half million files 140. Political leaders in more than fifty countries. And deceiving here the video of some of them now being asked about one beater getting up and walking out. Here's ABC's senior foreign correspondent Terry Moran now. It started here just a nondescript law firm in Panama but the secrets leaked from inside even Edwards Snowden calling it. The biggest leak in the history of data journalism the law firm helped clients set up complex webs of shell corporations in tax shelters. Those can be used legally but we have a shifts from here that provides cover. For every form of wrongdoing you can Franco Russian president Vladimir Putin's he's not named specifically in the documents but has long faced accusations of corruption critics pointing to is 750000. Dollar watch collection and the one billion dollar palace allegedly being built for him among world leaders also named in the so called Panama papers the king of Saudi Arabia Syrian president Bashar Al Assad the president of Argentina who hosted President Obama last month. And the prime minister of Iceland watch him as he's confronted here by an interview were about a company he co owned with his wife. But never disclosed mr. prime minister what can you tell me about the company called V in place. Then. He left the interview without answering thousands tonight are calling for his resignation. The Kremlin is calling all this a CIA plot a law firm is denying any wrong doing but this scandal that and I'm off papers. Is just beginning to.

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{"id":38150176,"title":"Biggest Financial Data Leak in History","duration":"1:49","description":"U.S. Justice Department investigating whether any American money-laundering laws were broken.","url":"/WNT/video/biggest-financial-data-leak-history-38150176","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}