Bismarck, ND: Lowest Unemployment Rate

This "boomtown" boasts the lowest unemployment rate in the U.S.
3:29 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Bismarck, ND: Lowest Unemployment Rate
Boomtown USA jobs right here in America today. As you know this week our team has been taking us to -- that defied the undertow inside this economy and tonight the city with the lowest unemployment in the nation. How. ABC's David Muir drives us right into a place surging with prosperity. We flew over the great plains in search of that great story. And when we landed in North Dakota we saw it this -- is booming the lines at the airport longer than they've ever seen. She gets hit a record with a number of passengers that's going to. The growth is really everywhere you look here at the airport in -- right behind me here is their newest -- brand new they started out about a month ago they're glad to have -- done in December. They have no choice they're trying to beat the North Dakota winter the first know they say any -- 44 inches a year here. It's not stopping families from moving from all over the country because -- also in season. Jobs to help wanted signs everywhere insurance restaurants retail. Wal-Mart holding weekly job fairs 161000. Jobs up for grabs in North Dakota right now 3000 alone in Bismarck. Unemployment a stunningly low 3% the lowest rate in the country. What's behind it north Dakota's own oil boom but economists say it's hardly just the oil -- agriculture wheat corn farmers earning record money. Its manufacturing to everything from beef plants he's -- he's fat foods -- hiring. Pouring more Luna who never even -- mark. Out of work in Phoenix this electrician was desperate for John -- an Arizona it would took at least thirty days just to get interview. Here week a week not -- for call back but for a job offer He moved his family here two weeks later. But it turns out after finding a job here Bismarck the next major hurdle and is actually finding a home was one of the few parts of the country where there's actually. Housing boom. The movie family -- country bring in their new home for just three days when we came knocking. Mr. Rick. Eric good to see his mark now -- and -- -- the -- this. This engineer moved his wife Angela and two daughters from Wisconsin and day after they bought their home for selling real -- Trying to cut calls. After you purchased yes. In fact homes here -- in three weeks or less getting 99% of the asking price sometimes more home values here still going up. Up 6% this year. -- town with -- -- have already changed colors and Taylor Swift plays in the radio. -- the hits keep coming one final sign that the economy's in pretty well here -- by the scene Alexi hospital and as we walked the hallways He suddenly from the PA system. A local -- That music means -- baby was just delivered. So we're here to talk about the economic boom. But there's been a baby boom to that's exactly right in -- usually follows the other is that this -- eighties are everywhere this little girl -- the morning we were there to she's been in town for about six hours visiting. As babies go so goes Bismarck growing bigger every day. Is -- the truth doctor told by the way when she started their delivering about. Ninety babies a month now they're well more than a 10240. More babies a year -- -- -- just that one hospital alone. For real sign of this is mark whom really fossils it's like a dream. Of America as we wanted to say thank you so much David.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"This \"boomtown\" boasts the lowest unemployment rate in the U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14774815","title":"Bismarck, ND: Lowest Unemployment Rate","url":"/WNT/video/bismarck-lowest-unemployment-rate-14774815"}