Black and Blue Friday

Bargain hunters were literally fighting for holiday deals.
2:51 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for Black and Blue Friday
This Black Friday became as -- mentioned there a black and blue one in many parts of this country. Retailers opened earlier than ever and this was the result some of the images coming in tonight chopper -- in the -- pushing shoving in fighting for the deals. This was the scene of the Wal-Mart in California where a woman pepper sprayed other customers. So she could scoop up more of those so called door buster specials one fire official -- a -- to call it. Competitive shopping. There is a bright side tonight The National Retail Federation says so far so good early estimates -- shopping up this year. And so that's where we Begin tonight with -- ABC's Lindsey Davis out among the shoppers all day today -- good evening. Good evening to you David and yes based on those early numbers retailers have reason to celebrate but as far as consumers are concerned at least in some cases shop till you drop. Took on new meaning. Black Friday. Feeding frenzy. Priscilla shoppers in Honolulu crossed over the line 200 dollar blue. Traders priced at just fifty bucks added up to -- free for a. Confusion elsewhere. This man shopping at Wal-Mart in Phoenix was knocked unconscious and covered in blood after police suspected him trying to shoplift. But witnesses say put a video game and his waist -- to stop -- young grandson from being trampled by shoppers. Gunfire erupted as consumers clamored for deals in San Leandro California Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Fayetteville, North Carolina. They started fighting and -- soon after would you heard a popping sound. In Los Angeles at least twenty people were injured when a woman at Wal-Mart tried to keep other shoppers wait for merchandise she -- it. By dousing them with pepper spray. He was at its Green meaning kids -- them learn and then everybody's second healing -- And clothing chain 18 AM in Culver City, California. All of these fight may. Retailers drive on the consumer getting all excited in the frenzy. They haven't yet done everything that they can do to try to secure the safety of consumers inside story. Preliminary numbers indicate retailers did get consumers to spend. This year Black Friday looks like it's already going to be better just from the Friday numbers -- One new component the Occupy Wall Street crowd showed up. -- -- -- The movement now saying occupied Wal-Mart and any other major change. The web -- stopped Black Friday dot com wants main street shoppers to hit the 1% where they say it hurts -- most. In the wallet. Aside from all the mayhem the deals did get people into the stores that's one reason we're still seeing all these long lines.

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{"id":15030215,"title":"Black and Blue Friday","duration":"2:51","description":"Bargain hunters were literally fighting for holiday deals.","url":"/WNT/video/black-blue-friday-15030215","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}