Blizzard Brings Winter in October

A blizzard strands families in four feet of snow.
1:33 | 10/06/13

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Transcript for Blizzard Brings Winter in October
weather. Winter in october? Just look at the images from the plains coming in tonight. Blizzard burying five states. Rapid city, south dakota, digging out toght. Look at the giant wall of snow right there, surrounding that suv. And then the tornadoes tonight, sweeping across several states. 20 reported since just friday. The worst in wayne, nebraska. Millions in damage, this home, completely gone. Abc meteorologist ginger zee with the forecast in a moment, but first, abc's clayton sandell on that very early winter. Reporter: Tonight, wyoming and south dakota find themselves dragged head first into winter. Heavy snow from a major blizzard is overwhelming trees. A huge tree fell down, fell on my grandfather's car. Reporter: Knocking down power lines, leaving thousands in the cold and dark. Day two of being trapped. We lost power yesterday. Reporter: Travel is treacherous. Airports are closed. Roads vanish under mountains of white. Parts of interstate 90 shut down. The official snow totals, impressive. Buffalo, wyoming, 30 inches. 48 inches in deadwood, south dakota. Rapid city hit with 23 inches. Their second highest snowfall on record. A little too early for me to have this bad of winter. Reporter: Made even worse by snow drifts piling up much higher. I'm six feet tall, or 72 inches tall. This is higher than me. As people begin digging out, some are taking their huge portion of snow with a side of humor. I'm sure it's in conjunction with the government shutdown. Reporter: Clayton sandell, abc news, denver.

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{"id":20489364,"title":"Blizzard Brings Winter in October","duration":"1:33","description":"A blizzard strands families in four feet of snow.","url":"/WNT/video/blizzard-brings-winter-october-20489364","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}