Blockbuster Directors Predict Mega Movie Ticket Price Rise

Theatres selling pricey "mega tickets" for ultimate Hollywood experience.
1:25 | 06/16/13

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Transcript for Blockbuster Directors Predict Mega Movie Ticket Price Rise
when we heard some americans are spending $50 to go to the movies, we asked abc's linzie janis to find out what else they're getting. Reporter: Would you pay 50 bucks to see brad pitt trying to save man kind from zombies in "world war z"? That's the price of what's being called the mega-ticket, on sale now at a handful of theaters around the country. But before you run from sticker shock, the golden ticket lets you see the movie two days before everyone else. And there's more. You'll get a digital copy of the film when it goes on sale. A pair of custom 3d glasses. A movie poster. And a small popcorn. And it comes just days after movie titan steven spielberg and george lucas made a dire prediction. If the movie industry doesn't change the way it does business, it may be headed for a scene out of "armageddon." There's going to be an implosion. Where, threefour, maybe even a half a dozen of these megabudgeted movies are going to go crashing into the ground. Reporter: Change necessary, he say is, because blockbusters like "man of steel" are expensive and risky for studios to make. Going to the movies is going to cost you $50, $100. Reporter: For now, at $50 a pop, movie fans we spoke to are lookmore than a poster and popcorn. What would they have to throw in? Brad pitt, right next to me. Reporter: Too bad brad pitt is a little busy.

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{"id":19416656,"title":"Blockbuster Directors Predict Mega Movie Ticket Price Rise","duration":"1:25","description":"Theatres selling pricey \"mega tickets\" for ultimate Hollywood experience.","url":"/WNT/video/blockbuster-directors-predict-mega-movie-ticket-price-rise-19416656","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}