New Blood Pressure Test Could Save Lives

Taking blood pressure in both arms could help detect cardiovascular disease.
2:09 | 01/29/12

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Transcript for New Blood Pressure Test Could Save Lives
An extremely simple test that could find a silent killer. We all get her blood pressure -- when we go to the doctor but a new study finds that checking the pressure in both -- could actually make huge difference here's ABC's Tony -- Cardiologist Oscar -- -- has long been an advocate of taking -- blood pressure reading from both arms. And it saved the life of one of his patients. It found that in -- on it was very very low. And the other one it was normal and it helped me arrive at a diagnosis of the potentially. Lethal conditions. So he was not at all surprised by the study released today. Finding a difference in blood pressure between the left and right arm can be a sign of heart disease. The lancet study found that a difference in the systolic number reading that top number of more than fifteen can indicate a narrowing of arteries to the legs. Heart disease. And a 70% increase in your chances of dying from either heart attack or stroke. You want to search for the risk factors that that are associated with -- such high blood pressure. With cigarette smoking or high cholesterol and treat them very aggressively. I had doctor -- find take my blood pressure from both arms little different pretty good. Many cardiologists and routinely checked blood pressure in both arms the practice is much less common on a routine doctor's visit. This study confirms a double reading -- flag an underlying vascular problem here on a seemingly healthy person. -- takes is about one minute and and you can find something that really. Most of the time points to the fact that this patient has establish vascular disease. Doctors say they hope everyone -- their doctor or nurse technician whoever it is that takes their blood pressure on the next visitor check up to take it from both arms it only takes a minute David. And it can give -- such important information about her house and as we saw there the doctor didn't mind taking that extra thirty seconds to check here he says he doesn't on every visit -- -- either other tests that would show the same thing or is this simply that simplest way to do it that there are other tests but none that are as cheap and it's easy -- this. Rivera who -- triple arms next time think you.

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{"id":15468743,"title":"New Blood Pressure Test Could Save Lives","duration":"2:09","description":"Taking blood pressure in both arms could help detect cardiovascular disease. ","url":"/WNT/video/blood-pressure-test-save-lives-both-arms-detect-heart-cardiovascular-disease-health-15468743","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}