New Body Found in Ship Wreckage

Crews continue to find out more information about the wrecked luxury liner.
1:04 | 01/22/12

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Transcript for New Body Found in Ship Wreckage
Searchers -- covering another body today that ship -- luxury liner off the coast of Italy a thirteenth victim of the disaster and more than a week now since that ship ran aground. Now comes new worries of the ship moving ABC's llama Hasan is on the scene for us again tonight Lama. Good evening David in a few hours officials here will decide if they can start pumping out more than half amending gallons of heavy fuel. From the cost at Concord via it is being person under a rock you on the wars -- for the last nine days stripping half an inch and how war. Protective -- have been deployed but experts describe the situation as an ecological time bomb. Because the ship could easily plunged into war this 300 feet deep. Because of the danger rescue workers and -- surged above the -- -- today and recovered another body leaving at least nineteen people on accounted for. Among the missing Minnesota Koppel Barbara and Jerry Hall their son and daughter were here on the -- earlier today. Meeting with the CEO of the company that owns -- can -- And he could -- offer his support.

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{"id":15417322,"title":"New Body Found in Ship Wreckage","duration":"1:04","description":"Crews continue to find out more information about the wrecked luxury liner.","url":"/WNT/video/body-found-cruise-ship-wreckage-crews-search-wrecked-luxury-liner-international-15417322","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}