Body Found in Search for Missing Mother in Turkey

American woman vanished overseas the day she was supposed to head back home.
2:22 | 02/02/13

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Transcript for Body Found in Search for Missing Mother in Turkey
The other developing story tonight, this one involving the american mother who vanished overseas. She had traveled to turkey. She was sending text messages to her husband and two sons back home. We learned tonight that her body has been found. Nine people are now being questioned. Here's a photograph of her and her two boys. And this is the last image of anyone saw, the surveillance video showing her eating alone at a food court in istanbul. Abc's juju chang back on case. Reporter: A tragic end to what began as the trip of a lifetime for saria sierra. The young mom from new york city who suddenly disappeared while vacationing alone in turkey. They report that her body was discovered today along ancient walls in a poor istanbul neighborhood. She was reportedly stabbed to death. And nine people held for questioning. Her husband. I have been married to her for over 14 years. And my love for her is deeper than I have ever for any other individual. Reporter: Tonight, investigators are piecing together every piece of evidence. From her clothes, an extra pair of shoes she was carrying. Sierra kept in constant contact with her family while she was away. She planned the trip with a friend who dropped out at the last minute. HER FINAL TEXT ON JANUARY 21st, "I'll be home tomorrow, yay." She cut her trip short because she missed her sons. But when her family went to the airport to pick her up, no sign of her. I called united airlines, they stated that she didn't board the flight. Reporter: Turkish police her clothes, her passports, still in her hotel room. I don't like that combination. Because that, leads me to believe that someone was able to lure out of the room. Reporter: Then there are those grainy surveillance videos taken a day before she lost touch. Nothing seems amissed when she walks around the mall. Eats alone at a food court. Is there any surveillance of somebody walking in or out at a location? All of those potential leads. Reporter: Leads that can hopefully brings answers for a family now forced to face a very painful loss. Juju chang, abc news. Our thanks to juju tonight.

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{"id":18387845,"title":"Body Found in Search for Missing Mother in Turkey","duration":"2:22","description":"American woman vanished overseas the day she was supposed to head back home.","url":"/WNT/video/body-found-search-missing-mother-turkey-18387845","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}