Who Wants to Boost Kim Kardashian's Taxes?

California campaign for millionaires' tax increase targets the reality TV star.
1:43 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for Who Wants to Boost Kim Kardashian's Taxes?
First it was Warren Buffett. And now it is reality TV star Kim car dash in what they have in common. Both centerstate on the question of fairness in the way the country taxes the rich -- the middle class some big unions in California. Have created an ad saying people like Kim Kardashian I read of the reason the tax code has to change. We ask ABC anchor be got to go untreated to -- them. She's made a fortune by talking about well nothing. And now she's got a lot of important people talking about her. A liberal California advocacy group says him -- -- and who made twelve million dollars in 2010 alone. Should pay more in state income taxes. They say she pays just 1% more than folks who make a middle class -- Time has come for people -- make that kind of money -- Kim Kardashian makes two a little bit or because -- Benefit the most from society. It's an argument similar to the one made by billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Who last year -- the world's attention by making the case -- the nation's top earners should have to pay their fair share in taxes. So I -- lower tax -- much of my income. The Mike -- and then I think that's great. The courage campaign says this same principle should apply became card -- and we reached out to her for comment today but didn't hear back. What do you Warren -- would say that about you highlighting -- focusing on Kim -- Well I don't know when -- -- knows who she is the group says even if Buffett doesn't know who she is he might support their ballot measure which would raise taxes on Californians who make more than one million dollars. Beyond -- a -- get ABC news New York.

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{"id":15292368,"title":"Who Wants to Boost Kim Kardashian's Taxes?","duration":"1:43","description":"California campaign for millionaires' tax increase targets the reality TV star.","url":"/WNT/video/boost-kim-kardashians-taxes-15292368","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}