Boston Bombing Investigations Focusing on Wife of Older Brother

Questions raised as to how much wife of suspected bomber really knew.
1:25 | 05/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boston Bombing Investigations Focusing on Wife of Older Brother
Now to the breaking news in the boston bombings case. We had already learned that those two suspected bombers had hoped to strike on the fourth of july. Instead, choosing the boston marathon. And now tonight, authorities are learning they may have also been planning something else. Here's abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight. Reporter: Fade, federal agents scoured sites near dzhokhar tsarnaev's college dorm room. Where the bombers might have practiced detonating devices. Sources tell us that dzhokhar told the fbi that he and his brother had discussed conducting a suicide attack, but opted for a remote controlled bombing. This, as the bod suspected bomber tamerlan tsarnaev was released from the medical examiner for burial today sources tell abc news the attention of fbi agents remained fixed on his widow. The fbi believes tamerlan had a telephone conversation with his wife, katherine russell, only hours after authorities released images of the two suspected bombers. Dzhokhar told investigators they made the bombs in his brother's apartment. And david, there's concern, because one of the friends of dzhokhar, arrested this week on obstruction of justice, was able to re-enter the country though his student visa expired. Tonight, homeland security officials are planning to make sure every person here on a student visa is actually in school. A lot of questions abo those student visas now. Pierre thomas, our thanks to you

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{"id":19106080,"title":"Boston Bombing Investigations Focusing on Wife of Older Brother","duration":"1:25","description":"Questions raised as to how much wife of suspected bomber really knew.","url":"/WNT/video/boston-bombing-investigations-focusing-wife-older-brother-19106080","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}