Boston 1 Year After the Bombings: Stories of Courage and Strength

Survivors, first responders and runners who inspire us.
3:41 | 04/15/14

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Transcript for Boston 1 Year After the Bombings: Stories of Courage and Strength
This is the most I ever walked. We it a lot, but we got off at a bunch of plays and got a ton of surprises along the way and can't say enough about everybody. It was awesome. Congratulations. Are you ever surprised by -- You have been listening to the nordens in the seconds after crossing the finish line to symbolically bring this day of remembrance to a close. We look forward now to the running of the Boston marathon. We can because it is the next marathon in front of us now. We have turned the page on the awful event of one year ago. It will never be the same. It is a part of everyone's lives. These two lives are moving forward. What a joy that is. To quote the vice president, the theme of the day, we own the finlefinish line. Thank you for joining us Boston strong one year later. We now join ABC news with Diane sawyer in progress. ♪ we are America. We respond. We endure. We overcome and we own the finish line. Reporter: After the tribute, a moment of silence in the driving rain at the finish line of the marathon at 2:49 P.M., the exact moment those bombs wept off one year ago. The first explosion took the life of crystal Campbell. 12 seconds later the bomb that killed Lindsay Lu and 8-year-old martin Richards whose family placed a wreath at the very spot today. That second blast also took the lower left leg of heather Abbott who in the past year has learned to walk, even run again. She now has four prospective th -- prosthetics including a water proof one. Do you know how tough you were? No I think if someone told me this was going to happen to me, I would have been devastated. I had no idea I had it in me. Reporter: So much strength over the past year. Jeff rescued by a complete stranger in a cowboy hat. Now he and his fiance are expecting their first baby in July. Roseanne Stoia dating the firefighter who held her hand in the ambulance on her way to the hospital. Jared whose body was littered with shrapnel told me today the attack had changed his view of the world. The bomb is only one split second. You know, but it's followed by endless seconds of the best leading up to today. Reporter: Coming up this Monday another big display of Boston strong. The 118th running of the Boston marathon. They're expecting 9,000 more runners than last year and a crowd of spec Tate ors estimated 1 million. Double the average. We will run again and we will be here covering it. Thank you so much. As the city of Boston stands in strength tonight, the accused

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{"id":23338805,"title":"Boston 1 Year After the Bombings: Stories of Courage and Strength","duration":"3:41","description":"Survivors, first responders and runners who inspire us.","url":"/WNT/video/boston-year-bombings-stories-courage-strength-23338805","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}