Boy Scouts of America Reconsiders Ban on Gays

Organization discussing sweeping changes to its policies.
3:10 | 01/28/13

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Transcript for Boy Scouts of America Reconsiders Ban on Gays
We begin with a big change afoot in anc american institution. For generations, becoming a boy scout was an american tradition, but not for all. Today, the boy scouts of america signaled they are ready to drop their ban on gay scouts and scout leaders. And abc's david muir is here to tell us why this ban may finally be ending. Reporter: Tonight, a spokesman for the boy scouts of america confirming to abc news, they are close to ending the ban on gays, scouts and leaders, meeting early next week. For more than 100 years, the boy scouts of america have been shaping young minds. But tonight, proof some of those young minds are now shaping the very leaders at the top. The boy scouts of america could soon lift the ban on gay scout leaders and gay scouts themselves. It would effect scouts like ryan andresen of florida, who started as a cub scout at 6, earning all 21 merit badges in his lifelong dream of becoming an eagle scout. But after 21 badges, he told ellen the answer was no. So, you did everything you had to do. But they're saying they won't give it to you. Yeah, just because I'm gave. And your mom started a petition. Yes. I love mothers like. That is your mother in the audience? Good for you. Reporter: His mom and his dad starting that petition -- "boy scouts, don't let your anti-gay policy deny my son his eagle award." Late today, I asked ryan's father what he makes of the boy scouts on the verge of a major change. Well, the short answer is, it's about time. One of the points of the scout law is you have to be honest and thus wore think and these kids have not been allowed to do that. Reporter: Families tell their stories like ohio mother jennifer tyrell's. Suddenly, my life was badges and knots. Reporter: But she says she was then fired by the local cub scout troop for being gay. Told her sexual orientation did not meet the high standards of conduct, that it would be a distraction. Well, I'm not a distraction. She's not a distraction. We are moms. And we are americans. Reporter: Her boy wiping away tears. But it's not just pressure from faces, families like this one. It's financial, too. Support from some of the boy scouts biggest sponsors could be at stake if they don't change. But there is a divide in this country when it comes to allowing gay adults to be scout leaders. Look at americans under 30. 60% say yes. Americans older than 50, just 39% say yes. Tonight, one religious leader saying a change in policy, nothing less than disastrous for the boy scouts of america. A real divide. Announcement could come next week, but even if national leaders decide to drop the ban, we heard something key today. A spokesman in a statement saying local chartered boy scout groups could still choose leaders, quote, consistent with their beliefs. And that parents could be able to choose a local unit that best meets their needs. A little bit of wiggle room there. All right, but we were talking earlier about the norman wok rockwell painting and you said the caption to that painting -- can't wait, right? Can't wait.

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{"id":18339338,"title":"Boy Scouts of America Reconsiders Ban on Gays","duration":"3:10","description":"Organization discussing sweeping changes to its policies.","url":"/WNT/video/boy-scouts-america-reconsiders-ban-gays-18339338","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}