8 boys rescued from Thai cave

Dive teams in Thailand rescued four more boys from a flooded jungle cave Monday.
4:49 | 07/09/18

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Transcript for 8 boys rescued from Thai cave
Tonight, the final five, four boys and a coach, rein inside the cave, Andre is a storm coming. We haveew reporting here, what ey're now planning next in Thailand. Tonight, four more resc bringing the total toht boys. We've seen their fa who have now been fully guided out. Much of it under. Two divers,ssigned try boy, swimming in front of em one behind them. Divers withittle room to uv it's not surprising none of the bore divers, but many O them don't know how to swim. Tonight, with news of this next storm, raining already tonight, their next plan to G the rest out. Abs James Longman leads us off tonight the scene. Reporter: These are the image theors captivated by. Diversrying their heavy equipment through twisting tunnels. You can hea themtruggling to catch their breath. Water to their necks, jagged rocks overhead. Tonight, their cril mission moving forward. Four mores brought to safety.11:00 A.M., that same elite team entering the cave. Divers pairing witch boy on the therous journey out.on for suppo. The boys fitted with full face masks. The other diver I front, carryiheir oxygen tanks. Thehree move sgle file rough those narrow tunnels. The boys, the youngestus11, are not traineddivers. Some can't swim. T must move through ageways full murky water. The visibility near . Above ground, theirst signs of another success. An ambce racing down throughese greenhills. Boy number seven with holice escort driven now to a heptdown to that hospital E by one, they passed Uong the inroad. The boys airlifted to receive medical care. "We've helped another fours today," the operation chief announcing. ATS hospital, ane floor dedicated to Thailand's most famous so T E latest fin better condition those rescued Sunday. They're hungry, butovering. Asking to basil fried ri and tharstill concerns tonight about their health. Isolated under doctors' or until contag disease is ruled out. Eiboys are now safe. R F and coach must wait to see WHA tomorrow brings. Back ihe mountains, the clouds roll in and out. The WEATH can change at a moment's not it's monsoon season here in ailand. Sunday saw heavy rainfall. And ato the forest. Today, mostly clear, but rescuers are still wary. Rushto resupply the ca wi oxygen. Preparing for mieams drilling through the rock, expanding the tunnels,orking to that dangerous water, hoping this dam wieep it out. They must moveckly to evacuate the remaining players and their H. The hope tomorrow, genes this. Celebrating in the glow of the Lance lights knowing another boy is safe. Solet's bring in James man who haseen on this story for day no and James, there's been already. You just reported another icant rainstorm is coming, obviousl Maj concern. They've been rescuing four at a time, but Toni you've learned they might actually for all five next? Reporter: Well,t'sright, David. It's ally rng right now. And the governor W asked that question today, but head it clear there are promises. They willin a for four, like they've been doing, T if they can getll five with this new S coming, that is the ultimate goal. David? Well, they have certainly doneerorkalready. James Longman, thank you. And one more headline on this to the parent we learned today they H not been able to see their children ones whoave been rescued already. Hard T imagine waiting this long,ven after your child has been pulled out. So, let's bring in Matt Gutman, on the scene for us tonight. Matt, I or theparents, the agonizing waitcontin there was word of perhaps a gls wall being put up so the actually see their children inside the hospital? Reporter: There's an Enos concern for infection, David. Thess have been in that caor long that their ne systems have been compromised. Right they're being quarantined, sequestered from their nt even a they were brought out of thee, Thai Navy S.E.A.L.S said thead masks on their faces to evt the rescue te from infecting them from any other diseases. Thgonizing wtcontinues, as the parents are told that possibly at some point in future, there will be ass partition set up so they can actually see their children and their chdren, of course, can see them. Vid? All right, we can't wait th moment. Matt gutman,james Longman. Incredit shl W fromur team there. We wanou to , we have a special "20/2 tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m.east right here. The worldatching a hoping as the final rescues are under way.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Dive teams in Thailand rescued four more boys from a flooded jungle cave Monday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"56466925","title":"8 boys rescued from Thai cave","url":"/WNT/video/boys-rescued-thai-cave-56466925"}