Breaking the Ice With Iran's Hassan Rouhani

Iran's new leader may meet with Obama next week to discuss nukes and economic sanctions.
2:56 | 09/20/13

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Transcript for Breaking the Ice With Iran's Hassan Rouhani
tonight of a breakthrough in u.S. Relations with iran. The possibility that president obama may meet with the new iranian president who says he wants to push forward on nuclear talks and end the crippling sanctions by the united states. And abc's david muir saw the effects of those sanctions firsthand. Did they work? And why? That's the big question, diane. As you know we saw crippling sanctions with iran's families, tonight everyone asking are we seeing something else. A thaw in the u.S. Relationship with iran. Listen to what the new iranian president is saying, it is a lot different from what we heard before. After years of the former president taking aim suggesting the hol kauft never happened and 9-11 was a conspiracy. Tonight the new president prepares for a speech before world leaders at the un. What he will say or do remains a mystery. Because president rouhani appears to work from a new playbook, his own. The iranian leader writing to move beyond impasses whether in relation to my country's nuclear program or its relations with the united states, we need to aim higher. President obama telling abc news just this week, the two leaders exchanged letters, after rouhani was elected. Have you reached out personally to the new president? I have. And he's reached out to me. We haven't spoken directly. But -- letters. Yeah. That communication unheard of before. The american delegation walking out after those 9-11 commens. The approach from the new president comes as people demand change back home. We saw it firsthand just before he was elected. Given exclusive access to the people, the streets of teheran, no government minders with us. The u.S. Led economic sanctions over iran's nuclear program hurting. This mother and daughter feeling it. Some of the parents we spoke with imagining a different relationship for their children, this mother telling us her son needs english. But we wondered if she truly believes it will be any different when he grows up. Do you hope for your son, a better relationship between iran and america? She tells us god willing, it will happen. And we couldn't forget as class let out, the children swarming our cameras, they had never seen a reporter from america. Do you think iran and america will get along? Maybe. Maybe, maybe. Do you hope for it? Yes. The next generation time will tell if the new president's overtures are policy or posturing, the u.S. Still convinced iran working toward a nuclear bomb. Iran says their program is peaceful, in that same editorial the new president saying their nuclear program, diane, is also about who they are as a nation. So we'll see if there is any wiggle room next week. David, thank you. And when we come back now, we

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{"id":20324380,"title":"Breaking the Ice With Iran's Hassan Rouhani","duration":"2:56","description":"Iran's new leader may meet with Obama next week to discuss nukes and economic sanctions.","url":"/WNT/video/breaking-ice-irans-hassan-rouhani-20324380","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}