Britain's Royal Baby Fever

Britain's new baby is expected to pump $400 million into British economy.
1:50 | 07/13/13

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Transcript for Britain's Royal Baby Fever
Now to london where the royal baby watch is well under way with the new heir. "Good morning america" weekend anchor bianna golodryga in london tonight. Reporter: They're calling it baby fever. Proud brits counting down the days until a new monarch is born. At st. Mary's hospital where kate is expected to deliver, more photographers stakd out positions today to capture the first images of future king or queen of england. Proceeds from tourism and product sales related to the birth are expected to pump $400 million into the british economy. 90 million alone, expected to be on champagne. So londoners clearly have a lot to celebrate these past few years from the royal wedding, the wimbledon championship for andy murray and the queen jubilee and the new baby. Baby-related items are flying off the shop. This woman said that she's already spent thousands of dollars preordering merchandise. Everybody loves will and kate. And now they're having a baby. Reporter: He spent dozens of hours singing his praises to a future monarch. Everybody is ready for the royal baby. 400 million in tourism sales will increase tenfold once we have a gender, name, and especially an image of that future monarch.

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{"id":19658882,"title":"Britain's Royal Baby Fever","duration":"1:50","description":"Britain's new baby is expected to pump $400 million into British economy.","url":"/WNT/video/britains-royal-baby-fever-19658882","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}