Brussels on Edge After Terror Attack

Belgium police storm a tram stop, shooting a suspect twice in the leg, saying only it was an anti-terror operation.
3:15 | 03/26/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Brussels on Edge After Terror Attack
Several breaking developments to dramatic terror takedown. Chilling Brussels and much of Europe tonight still on a hair trigger. This scene unfolding today a man shot by police he had a backpack. A little girl right there authorities calling to that girl. Robot from the bomb unit approaching they're on the right police have not named the man tonight. But this played out not far from where authorities say those suspects were building their explosives. And this new video now removed from the moments after the bombing at the airport to fire ball where passengers had just been dropped off. And tonight we have new reporting on the americans' families who were right there at the terminal. We begin would ABC's chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran on the scene of that dramatic shoot out in Brussels. Tonight these stark images bomb technicians in head to toe protective gear captured the tension in this city as police execute a dramatic take down. A neighbor shaky cell phone video caught the moment officers with their guns trained on this man. Lying amid the shattered glass of a tram stop they've shot him twice in the leg apparently thinking he's a terrorist. I would this is they're telling the man was here at the tram stop with the child. They think down this platform police came with long guns they don't seem to be ordinary traffic cop something happens. And they shoot him twice even though he's with the child. On girl police beckoned to her and she goes to them. The neighbors anguish they recorded all. I'm a long road. The man lies on the ground motionless still clutching his back has a bomb disposal robot draws near. Then three masked officers approach grabbing the wounded man by his arms and dragging them off to their waiting car. Afterwards the bomb disposal experts scoured the tram tracks Belgian authorities say this was an anti terror operation but tonight. That's all they'll say they won't identify the man across the and NATO who shocked much of the video from her window. Tells me the man he yelled at police he was innocent. He kept saying. I have nothing but this is for nothing. He can can yes she says this is what really hurt me. Today's operation took place just two miles from this building which the terrorists used as a bomb factory now a viewing inside the apartment stripped bare a shattered iPad on the table. Authorities removed thirty pounds of explosives a suitcase at nails and screws likely shrapnel from bombs. They also removed an ice is flat. This new video from inside the airport shows the full power of those explosives were placed in flames the floor littered with ceiling time. Today Belgium confirmed that the man on the left now she wants -- we also built a suicide vests used in the Paris attacks last year he blew himself up at the airport along with the man next to put this man wearing a tan jacket in the black cat. American authorities were able to identify him but he's still at large and so was another suspected attacker from the subway bombing. Tonight a massive manhunt is underway but people here aren't sure that their government which has been one step behind the terrorist so many times. Is up to the job and they know this is not over David Terry Moran leading a soft and.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"Belgium police storm a tram stop, shooting a suspect twice in the leg, saying only it was an anti-terror operation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"37940315","title":"Brussels on Edge After Terror Attack","url":"/WNT/video/brussels-edge-terror-attack-37940315"}