Brutal Extremist Army Taking Hold in Iraq

President Obama, "No American boots on the ground."
3:02 | 06/13/14

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Transcript for Brutal Extremist Army Taking Hold in Iraq
As we come on the -- -- nation so many Americans fought and died to secure this cracking apart. At this hour the capital of Iraq Baghdad hanging in the balance at here at home. The president weighing in on what it means for the safety of Americans. ABC's chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran begins our reporting right now from Baghdad. It's a celebration that will live period America who spent billions hunger and gates so many lives and today filled Iraqis with -- Jihadist fighters Islamic state of Iraq and Syria made up propaganda video they posted online that can't be independently verified. But seems to show them gleefully seizing an abandoned Iraqi Army base which used to be the US military headquarters in Northern Iraq. New weapons for the battle of Baghdad made in America. Iraq is fighting for its life as the jihadist close in on the capital now less than sixty miles away. The group's tactics which -- led to success after success across a huge swath of Iraq. For -- city. And -- today they announced they've executed 17100. Of these men apparently Iraqi soldiers captured in recent days. And unverifiable claim. But believe the number of people killed in recent days may run into the hundreds and ruthlessness is why US officials are so concerned the terror here could spread. And threaten Americans. At the fortress like US embassy in Baghdad no evacuation has been ordered. Yet but there are more than 5000 American contractors in Iraq and some have already been extracted by their company. President Obama wary of sinking into another Iraqi quagmire said he still considering options but no we US boots on the ground. And a stern message to Iraq. It's up to the Iraqis as a sovereign nation to solve. Their problems but in this country we're so much blood has been spilled -- so much hatred sown between the communities. That seems almost impossible. Diane Terry thanks so much do you for the reporting from Baghdad tonight an ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl is standing by now and John. We heard -- point out the president said no American boots on the ground in Iraq what other options are there. Well he met -- his national security team earlier today and he asked for a list of options including. US led air strikes on militant targets. In Iraq but even as he asked the military to present those options he -- -- that we clear he will not rush into this in fact he said. He will not order any military action in Iraq until the Iraqi Government. First shows a willingness to deal with those political problems -- that led to this problem the first one but what is the biggest worry and that -- about doing nothing. Well the biggest worry is of course that Iraq turns into a breeding ground for terrorist attacks against the US targets. But there's also great concern about world oil supplies remember. Iraq is one of the top oil producers in the world -- Jonathan Karl on the story tonight from the White House and our thanks again to Terry Moran.

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{"id":24134449,"title":"Brutal Extremist Army Taking Hold in Iraq","duration":"3:02","description":"President Obama, \"No American boots on the ground.\"","url":"/WNT/video/brutal-extremist-army-taking-hold-iraq-24134449","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}