Buckingham Palace Suffers Security Blunders

Week of unprecedented security jitters leaves royal relative in police questioning.
1:44 | 09/08/13

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Transcript for Buckingham Palace Suffers Security Blunders
security already on high alert after someone some how got past those fences and into buckingham palace. Now we learn of another moment when officers thought they were again face to face with an intruder in the gardens, shouting for him to put his hands up. It was prince andrew. Abc's nick schifrin from london tonight. Reporter: For buckingham palace, it's been a week of unprecedented security jitters. The calm scenes that usually play out in this garden have been replaced by suspicion. Even the queen's own son mistaken for an intruder. Prince andrew was walking in the gardens when two armed police confronted him, forced him to identify himself and reportedly made him put his hands up. Suddenly, you see somebody in an area where the public shouldn't be, then, yes, you are going to confront that person, say, hey, who are you? And you realize who it is and you end up with egg on your face. Reporter: Today, an embarrassed scotland yard insisted police didn't pull guns, but it apologized, saying, "we're grateful to the duke for his understanding." There's good reason the queen's guards are jumpy. On monday night, a real life intruder got into the queen's home. He broke through a door near an area displaying the priceless coronation necklace. Police arrested him and an accomplice waiting outside. It's the most serious palace breach in more than 30 years. In 1982, this man hopped the fence and climbed up a drainpipe, right into the queen's bedroom. She woke up and stalled, speaking to him for ten minutes until security arrived. The queen has seen many intrusions over the years. Her majesty's famous words are, get it right, put it right. And there will be a review. Reporter: Prince andrew accepted the apology and says he hopes his next garden stroll is slightly safer. Tonight, david, scotland yard is conducting that review, looking at all aspects of palace security.

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{"id":20195881,"title":"Buckingham Palace Suffers Security Blunders","duration":"1:44","description":"Week of unprecedented security jitters leaves royal relative in police questioning.","url":"/WNT/video/buckingham-palace-suffers-security-blunders-20195881","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}