Bullied on the Bus: The Gift

A look at the "World News" viewers who helped pay for bus monitor's 700,000 retirement check.
3:00 | 09/16/12

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Transcript for Bullied on the Bus: The Gift
that image that troubled so many of us. The bus monitor, bullied by children on the school bus. We reported here on "world news" on that massive check presented to her, all of those people giving. And tonight here, we hear from so many of you who wanted to tell us why. So many of you reached out to "world news," strangers to one another, but united after seeing that cell phone video of that bus monitor. 10:09, 68-year-old karen klein taunted by four middle school students. Karen, you're fat. You're so fat, you take up, like, the whole entire seat. Reporter: No one stepped in on that bus, but they sure did all over the world afterward. I just couldn't sit back and not do something. This is not who people are. I'm very sorry that those children treated you that way. You . Look at all the flab right there. Reporter: The verbal jabs that became physical ones. Jiggles. Reporter: And that bus monitor, who sounded brave, even afterwards, when she sat down with us. I didn't get angry. I just tend to try to ignore them, just look out the window of the bus and say, "bye, guys." Reporter: But it was max sidorov, a canadian that started a fund-raising drive online. He called it "let's give karen a vacation." He was hoping to raise $5,000. And this past week, he presented that check that well surpassed it. 703,833. Reporter:30,000 donors, 84 countries. The average donation, $20. There was ryan in memphis, who was moved by how many others donated, too. Broke their heart to see her treated that way. Reporter: Matt in salt lake city, who has two boys of his own. In the process of trying to teach your children the right things to do, the good things to do, you need to lead by example. Reporter: There was kelly, the mother from sacramento. It was just the feeling that I wanted to do something from for her. Reporter: And colleen, who had a simple wish. And that I hope that you go on a wonderful trip around the world. If you are only going to go one place, I say, go to ireland. No word about ireland, but karen does plan a cruise and she plans to donate some of that money to an anti-bullying foundation.

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{"id":17250444,"title":"Bullied on the Bus: The Gift","duration":"3:00","description":"A look at the \"World News\" viewers who helped pay for bus monitor's 700,000 retirement check.","url":"/WNT/video/bullied-bus-gift-17250444","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}