Cain Fires Back at Press for Harassment Story

GOP frontrunner Herman Cain responds to allegations of past sexual harassment.
2:29 | 10/31/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cain Fires Back at Press for Harassment Story
And now we turn to a turbulent day of politics your voice your vote at the center of -- all Republican front runner Herman today. As this day began he came under fire facing news reports about allegations of sexual harassment in this past. As the day -- he's been challenging the press -- him and swinging back ABC's John Karl has the story. He's the center of attention now back. Herman Cain is on top of the polls what he's also facing the first crisis of his campaign as a result. Today's big news story are really know what it feels like to be number one. The allegation first published by Politico is that he sexually harassed two women back in the 1990s. When he was the head of the National Restaurant Association -- few specifics include conversations filled with innuendo. And he asked questions of a sexually suggestive nature and that he invited one of the women to his hotel suite. Speaking at the National Press Club -- called it all a witch hunt. I have never. Sexually harassed. -- -- he said that he had been falsely accused. And it an internal investigation cleared him of wrongdoing -- RM -- aware. Of Minnesota settlement -- hope it wasn't for much. Because I didn't do it at -- but in an interview to air tonight on fox news' Greta Van Susteren -- said there was a settlement of about three months salary I was standing close to her. And I made a gesture. You have the same how does how it is my wife and brought my hand didn't touch it. But too much in this did -- same height as my wife because my wife come that the magic -- -- support for years. And that was put in there as. Something that made her uncomfortable. That's part of the sexual harassment charge in Washington today -- seemed to be taking it all in stride. Closing out an appearance at the National Press Club. With a little gospel singing -- Millen no. I mean. But -- -- paying. To -- means. Moon. -- Now that may have been a first for the National Press Club as for -- wife she stays out of the long -- and rarely appears in public. But -- told ABC news today that she is traveling with him here today in DC and has been surprised by how the story has been told his wife Diane he told us. Supports him 100%.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"GOP frontrunner Herman Cain responds to allegations of past sexual harassment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14854100","title":"Cain Fires Back at Press for Harassment Story","url":"/WNT/video/cain-fires-back-press-harassment-story-14854100"}