Cameras Catch Brazen Thieves

Shoplifting costs consumers and businesses $30 billion a year.
1:32 | 12/19/14

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Transcript for Cameras Catch Brazen Thieves
and to the wave of holiday shoplifting and tonight the case caught on tape, ABC's gio Benitez, with the acting scene that pulled this off. Reporter: It's the kind of brazen theft you've got to watch to believe. Every second captured on camera. Right here -- watch as two men with the shopping cart walk into a store and go straight for those popular items on holiday lists all across the country. A Barbie vacation house and then, moments later, they go for the power wheel. Their loot -- worth nearly $400. But it doesn't end there. When the pair is ready to leave the store, watch, as one takes the lead with the massive items. And look over here. The other man allegedly acts like he's having a heart attack falling to the ground. Shoppers not sure what to do. All as the other man walks right out of the store with the goods. Moments later, the alleged decoy is back on his feet and also out the door. We have seen diversions before so it's not original but it was pretty interesting. Reporter: Shoplifting costs businesses 30%. They'll charge more for the product. Reporter: In fact, families play more than $400 a year in high prizes because of it. These men are both behind bars. Thank you, gio.

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{"duration":"1:32","description":"Shoplifting costs consumers and businesses $30 billion a year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"27705923","title":"Cameras Catch Brazen Thieves ","url":"/WNT/video/cameras-catch-brazen-thieves-27705923"}