Candidates Prepare for New Hampshire

Results in Iowa offer some clues about what presidential hopefuls need to do to win in New Hampshire.
1:59 | 02/02/16

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Transcript for Candidates Prepare for New Hampshire
One more note on the message voters are now sending cool one when values were most important voters who went on the economy. Who won as the outsider and we'll it now work in New Hampshire here's ABC's Jonathan Karl. Tonight there are some real warning signs for Donald Trump. First Ted Cruz has found a line of attack it stuck Donald Trump. New York values not ours more than 40% of Iowa voters at values was the most important issue. Most of those voters went for cruise only 5%. Went for trump so the New York values attacked him. Worked here in Iowa New Hampshire South Carolina that everyone knows what New York. And wall trump as a billionaire businessman famously promised it will pay. The greatest jobs president that god ever created Iowa Republicans actually thought Marco Rubio would do a better job with the economy. And they bought rubio is argument that he has the best chance to get elected president. Iowa Bernie Sanders children. Hillary Clinton has a big problem with young voters a whopping 84% went for Sanders just fourteen for Clinton. But part of Clinton's message worked with the voters. I am proud of the progress we've made under President Obama stands with President Obama resident Obama. They're majority of Iowa Democrats want to continue Obama's policies. And vast majority who care about electability. Voting for Hillary Clinton. And Jon Karl would us tonight from Iowa still trying to get out would that blizzard John good luck with that but in the meantime. I want to ask about the Republicans let's go back to them because Donald Trump. His ace in the hole still would appear to be his outsider status he did very well what voters looking for someone from the outside. You know question and nearly half of the Iowa Republican caucus goers said they were looking for an outsider. 46% of them went for Donald Trump we'll get to see a lot of that going forward if you are looking for an outsider chances are Donald trumps your guy.

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{"id":36677376,"title":"Candidates Prepare for New Hampshire","duration":"1:59","description":"Results in Iowa offer some clues about what presidential hopefuls need to do to win in New Hampshire.","url":"/WNT/video/candidates-prepare-hampshire-36677376","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}