Captain Abandons Ferry That Sunk Off South Korea

Rescuers still searching for missing passengers, captain expresses shame for his actions.
2:57 | 04/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Captain Abandons Ferry That Sunk Off South Korea
Beginning with the you are gent search for the missing in their terrifying ferry disease. So many school children. Tonight the U.S. Navy is there and the haunting images streaming in. Rescuers in the water where part of that ship would be seen. There were no more rescues. At night fall the ship barely piercing the water. The families waiting for word. This evening the reality of it all settling in. Also new tonight, the captain what he's saying. ABC leads us off with new pictures taken onboard just as the horror began to unfold. Reporter: New images tonight, of a world turned on its side, the critical moments after the ferry boat shifted violently. Watch as survivors cling to anything they can in this passage way, the floor now the side of the boat. Other passengers huddled inside wearing life jackets. Today we learned the captain abandoned ship a half hour after sending out a distress call. This morning hiding his face from reporters he apologized. "I am sorry and deeply ashamed." Tonight he is under criminal investigation questioned by police amid growing outrage. Families of the 276 missing are holding out hope that perhaps their loved ones are still alive trapped in air pockets in the sunken ship. Rescuers have tried to pipe oxygen and so far those efforts unsuccessful. The death toll has climbed to 25. The doomed ferry was carrying 500 passengers, most high school students on a class trip when the boat began to tilt. At 8:58 the distress call went out. Passengers were told to stay inside. In this video an overhead announcement saying it is safer in the passengers corridors. Because of those announcements so many people became trapped inside. At 9:27 one worried student texted his mother unsure if he will see her again, "I love you" he writes. Three minutes later the captain makes his escape in a lifeboat. Aboard the frantic battle for survival. A sacrifice from this young man who didn't make it off that ship. His mother hearing of his final act of generosity. His friend was crying she says so I heard my son gave him his life jacket. It is just past first night on day three. The U.S. Navy is involved but key elements affecting even. The bad weather making it tough to see above and below the water. Rescue divers had to be rescued themselves. Every moment so critical.

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{"id":23372031,"title":"Captain Abandons Ferry That Sunk Off South Korea","duration":"2:57","description":"Rescuers still searching for missing passengers, captain expresses shame for his actions.","url":"/WNT/video/captain-abandons-ferry-sunk-off-south-korea-23372031","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}