Car Seat Safety Check

Nearly three quarters of all car seats are not installed properly.
3:00 | 11/29/13

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Transcript for Car Seat Safety Check
Triple -- estimates nearly 39 million Americans are hitting the road at some point this weekend. But tonight a new alert about the safety of many of the kids running those -- here's ABC's David -- I want to show us your -- -- let's CIA did. Call it a car seat pop quiz we asked Lindsay -- -- if we could check her son's car seat what is. And with an -- to -- -- from the group safe kids in the car seat itself is shifting. More than an end to movement. But with a couple of expert adjustments this seat is snug it doesn't seem like don't budge -- -- In fact nearly three quarters of all car seats are not installed properly and this is what can happen to an unrestrained child in a vehicle it's. Now that instant Pat's mother of a three year old Shannon -- -- has never tried to secure a car seat and needed help and I'm gonna pull all. Texas south. Let's get a nice snag -- A couple of tips. Try the inch test pull a car seat if it moves more than an inch at the belt it's too loose for the first two years a rear facing seat is recommended. And for older children it suggested boosters be used for some kids until -- twelve. Groups including save kids -- probably your local fire department will check to see if your child seat. He's in right that way. Just -- at a news crew ever stop -- parking lot wow that's in the air really really get past -- You too can pass the safety test -- happy that I am a vast. Ellen yeah. David -- ABC news Alexandria Virginia.

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{"id":21054499,"title":"Car Seat Safety Check","duration":"3:00","description":"Nearly three quarters of all car seats are not installed properly.","url":"/WNT/video/car-seat-safety-check-21054499","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}