Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio Now Pope Francis

Papal conclave elects cardinal from Argentina new leader of Catholic Church.
7:03 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio Now Pope Francis
new pope, a new day and new questions for the man who surprised everyone. Jorge mario bergoglio becoming the first pope in 1,000 years to be chosen from outside europe. A jesuit pope, as we said, wearing a plain wooden cross. The crowd roaring, using words like speechless and this, the view from the balcony as the faithful stretch to the horize know on. So who is this man and will he bring change to theh at at cross roads of a new time? Josh elliott with the tens of thousands of people in st. Peter's square today. It was a day that began as last night had ended with a midday plume of black smoke after the first two votes that revealed a still undecided electorate. But as day had turned to night over vatican city behind me, the church after five eagerly awaited votes by those 115 cardinals, had a new supreme leader. Reporter: The electricity and awe were palpable, as plumes of white smoke rose into the cold, damp, night air. Just moments later, there could be no doubt as the bells of st. Peter's basilica pealed and sent tens of thousands massed in st. Peter's square and beyond, into euphoria. and as the celebration continued, the vatican and military marching bands provided a soundtrack, a tangible anticipation filled the air. Until history's 266th pope was introduced, the 76-year-old jorge mario bergoglio of argentina, a shy and humble man. That could be seen. He lightly waved to the masses who waited hours for but a glimpse. And then in addressing the assembled, he acknowledged the importance of this night. Translator: My fellow cardinals -- stunning resignation, pope francis offered a prayer to his predecessor. Translator: First of all,i I'd like to offer a prayer for benedict. Reporter: He was one of five children. As a teenager he suffered a major health crisis, having one of his lungs removed a a serious infection. He would become chemist by trade, turned jesuit priest. In his ministry, he's known primarily for his work with argentina's poor. He also passed on residing in the archbishop's ornate palace. Choosing to live in a small apartment outside buenos aires, while regularly riding the bus or his bicycle instead of the limousine at his disposal. He is the first pontiff from latin america, home to 40% of the world's catholics. He asked for a prayer for himself. Translator: Let us pray silently for me. Reporter: And then for all the rest. Transla LET'S PRAY ALWAYS For each other. Let's pray for the whole world. May there be a great brotherhood. Reporter: A remarkable moment and that sense of brotherhood was prevalent throughout his speech tonight. He spoke to the crowd as his brothers and sisters and mentioned his plans to pray to the virgin mary so that she may take care of rome and will lead a mass later tomorrow with the cardinals tomorrow evening. And he paid huge thanks to his predecessor. Reportedly phoned him and made plans to meet with him tomorrow as well. Yes, and it was amazing when he said I'll see you soon to the crowd gathered in the square. As we said, we kept studying as he walked out on the balcony, that cross, which appears wooden, simple. While past pops, we have seen benedict, john paul ii, wear ornate crosses. And he's a new pope chosen from a new corner of the world. His home country has these headlines, the new pope is argentinian. Wasn't it something to feel this today? The excitement on the square was absolutely overwhelming, and when this new pope emerged, the crowd went absolutely wild. I spoke with pilgrims from all over the world, but the latinos repeated one word to me. Emocionate -- emotional. Reporter: For the latinos packed in st. Peter's square, there is just one word to describe the feeling of seeing balcony. "Orgullo" pride as pope francis I addressed the faithful -- there are cheers, tears, and disbelief. And t the first pope ever in the history of the catholic church from latin america standing right there on that balcony in st. Peter's square. Unbelievable. Reporter: Victor nunez de la rosa, in rome for vacation, said never did he ever dream a fellow countryman would become pope. I still don't believe it, he says. From rome to lima, mexico city, rio and especially in argentina, resounding emotion. Translator: I always said he would be one of the best pops we ever have. And thank god he is from argentina. Us catholics in argentina, we're very, very happy. We believe it's a moment in argentina's history that is very important for us to have an argentinian pope. We need this sign of god. Reporter: Argentina has the world's 11th largest population of catholics. Some say this powerful new leader signals a powerful change. It's a reminder that the center of gravity has shifted to the southern hemisphere where all the growth in the catholic clurch is happening. Reporter: A promise for a new future. It's amazing. It's incredible. Incredible, it's from argentina, near honduras. Wow, incredible. Wow is right. One man that I met today, 40 years old from argentina, said never could he ever dream that he would see a pope from his own country. Complete and utter shock out there and a lot of pride tonight.

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{"id":18724078,"title":"Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio Now Pope Francis","duration":"7:03","description":"Papal conclave elects cardinal from Argentina new leader of Catholic Church.","url":"/WNT/video/cardinal-jorge-mario-bergoglio-now-pope-francis-18724078","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}