Carnival Cruise Ship Stranded in the Caribbean

A power outage has another cruise ship stuck, this time in port.
1:24 | 03/14/13

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Transcript for Carnival Cruise Ship Stranded in the Caribbean
We turn now to a headline that reads like one we've heard before. A carnival cruise cut short in the caribbean because the power goes out, a month after the other ship was stranded in the gulf of mexico. Reporter: You're looking at the carnival dream stranded in st. Martin, after hours of delays, one passenger called the coast guard who contacted the the reason they're stuck in port is because the emergency generator is what operates their propulsion. Carnival says -- at no time did the ship lose power, but there were periodic interruptions to elevators and toilets last night. Reporter: The passengers boarded saturday, sailing to nassau, st. Thomas and then st. Martin. Everyone gave me a hard time when I was booking this cruise saying, I can't believe you're going on this cruise after what happened with the triumph. Reporter: He's talking about the carnival triumph, with overflowing toilets and passengers sleeping on deck. 17 passengers filed suit today in federal court, alleging negligence. Carnival says they will fly the dream passengers back to the u.S. Tomorrow, give them a partial refund and a 50% discount on the next cruise. Now to the debate over

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{"id":18733236,"title":"Carnival Cruise Ship Stranded in the Caribbean","duration":"1:24","description":"A power outage has another cruise ship stuck, this time in port.","url":"/WNT/video/carnival-cruise-ship-stranded-caribbean-18733236","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}