Caroline Kennedy at DNC

Kennedy remembers her uncle, the long-time Massachusetts senator.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Caroline Kennedy at DNC
And another big name at the democratic convention. Caroline kennedy. She told me today this is the first convention in which she won't introduce the late edward kennedy, uncle teddy. Four years ago, she said he inspired her the way he inspired americans. Today. That inspiration that hope has faded. We did some research, and could it be true this is the first convention since 1944 where there wasn't an elected kennedy in the building? It's possible but I think there will be one pretty soon. My cousin gerald. And he's terrific. Give it a break? Give it a break. Reporter: Caroline kennedy talking about her cousin joe running in massachusetts. Out it was her late uncle ted who we talked about, too. You are uncle ted kennedy used booming words. You wrote, I have never had a president who inspired me the way people tell me my father inspired them. Do you still feel as inspired? I absolutely do. One of the interesting things i saw on the campaign trail this year were so many people who had voted for my father in 60 for the first time were out there again this year. And talking about president obama. And just as committed as ever. We remember the image of you and oprah on the stage four years ago. I'm curious, four years later, have you checked in with her? No, I was wondering if i might run into her again. See her, talk to her. See her, talk to her. Do you miss some of that sizzle of four years ago? Oh, no. I think this is a great campaign. That was an incredible moment in our national history. Is it a different time, a more sober time? I think it is. I think it is. Reporter: She says for everyone it is the economy. But she argues the president is adding jobs. She points to gay marriage and to the health care her uncle championed. The first time you won't be introducing your uncle teddy. Right. Is that tough for you? Well, I miss him. And I think the video last night shows that many other people feel the same way. Reporter: Here at the convention, a tribute to ted kennedy with clips of him debating mitt romney who challenged kennedy in '84. I believe abortion should be safe and legal. I supported roe v. Wade, my opponent is multiple choice. Are you still thinking your uncle teddy is with the campaign? Just how it's again and again. Reporter: The talk of the fading obama posts of four years ago, you're not worried about the enthusiasm gap? I'm not worried about an enthusiasm gap. Certainly not in my house. How did the first lady do last night? Oh, my go she was unbelievable, fantastic. And I'm getting to that shortly. The speech is written. Can you give us a preview? It will be something, you know new and different. And hopefully profound. Yeah, we'll see. Our exclusive interview with caroline kennedy earlier today. I did ask caroline if she's ruled out a political future for herself, she said she simply doesn't know. She speaks tomorrow night although she added she hasn't practiced her speech yet. The big speech tonight, bill

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{"id":17164734,"title":"Caroline Kennedy at DNC","duration":"3:00","description":"Kennedy remembers her uncle, the long-time Massachusetts senator.","url":"/WNT/video/caroline-kennedy-dnc-17164734","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}