Cast and Creators of 'Mad Men' Sit Down with Diane Sawyer

Find out what's behind the final season that depicts the ad world and the shiny American dream in the sixties.
4:59 | 04/10/14

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Transcript for Cast and Creators of 'Mad Men' Sit Down with Diane Sawyer
powerful American journey is ending. The hit television series "Madmen." All those men and women trying to claim a piece of the shiny American dream in the '60s. This Sunday night seven more episodes begin and the final one next year. We gathered the stars in one room with creator Matthew winer. These people teaching us about American lives. Here's how it began ten years ago with don draper. America in the '60s. Behind closed doors. Cracked by secrets of a punishing depression era childhood. He's played by John hamm. You're damaged goods in many ways and doing the best he can. He strives. He drinks. He is brutally careless with women. Are you alone? Like his partner, wronger sterling. When god closes the door, he opens a dress. Springing from the imagination of its create tore Matthew winer. I don't judge. That's been the secret of the whole show. I judge people in real life. But I don't judge these characters. They're all trying really hard to be good people. This is where they live, inside a kind of '60s time capsule. It is a replication of a real building. He insists on authentic detail along with Starbuck's. That's what should be in the office. This is where Jones gets ready. And on the night stand, only vaseline and ponds cold cream and there with the madmen, three women, glad yat tos. Christina Hendricks who plays Joan is planned for one EP side but no one cold let her go. Joan would be a CEO in today's America. But had to make a horrible choice, sleep with a client to give herself a chance for the future. She gets hurt and goes home to deal with it. The audience probably mentions Joan's strength. Most of the time I really enjoyed playing her V. And January Jones. She's hopeful and not just a terrible mom. What the heck happened to you? And Peggy who rises from the secretarial poll to an executive. Why is it so hard? Watching men take credit for her work. I think she's loan nely and doesn't want to be alone for the rest of her life. Women navigating a world that still belongs to the don day drapers, making a viewer want to reach out to free them. Out of the time capsule. Poor Betty. Poor Joan. They're all rich, super successful. All three of these women. I beg your pardon don. They're doing all right. This is how you treat them? Yes. Let's talk about this. Let's not bring up our childhood. He says people come up to him because the characters are personal. They come up and they're like I'm Peggy, I'm Joan, that was me. Did anyone ever say I'm Pete? I do. Really? By the way, this is how he looks in real life when he actually shaves back his hair line. You can see it there to become the sweaty anxious Pete. Do whatever it takes. He just steps up and says I'll be the face of this kind of ugly truth. And now, ten years after it began, winer is writing the final episode. The actors gives us a last word of their own. Just one word. Thank you. Thanks. Thanks. A little informal. We're not very good when we're not written for it. I don't know. I think that you will feel that it's ending. Your word is ending? One word. C'mon. I like to say remember. Nas talgia means pain from an old wound. Remember the past is also present in your life. It is the beginning of the end but it's not the end of the end. Takes us to a place -- Like a polar reed out of the '60s fading. And we'll have a lot more tonight on "Nightline" and tomorrow on "Gma."

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{"id":23282899,"title":"Cast and Creators of 'Mad Men' Sit Down with Diane Sawyer","duration":"4:59","description":"Find out what's behind the final season that depicts the ad world and the shiny American dream in the sixties.","url":"/WNT/video/cast-creators-mad-men-sit-diane-sawyer-23282899","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}