Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Scams

Tips to protect yourself from the newest cellphone scam.
1:58 | 03/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Scams
We have a warning here about the caller ID that pops up -- yourself on a brazen new scam out to fool you. And steal your information ABC's mark Greenblatt investigate how the scheme works and what you can do to protect yourself. It's an old fashioned con with a cutting edge where it's called spoofing. -- criminals gain your trust in a trick to get your personal information. They call from one number but your caller ID shows a trustworthy source like a bank. -- judge of pin drop security just studied the scam and says spoofing is up 50% in just the last six months. There's really no way right now. To stop somebody -- -- doing ethnic. As a consumer -- you can stop the best thing you can do is -- that if possible. And he says the spoof first sound quite real like in this call his firm recorded. A specialist will be Libyan involvement. This coming possibly recorded her quality purposes. We asked judge to show us just how easy it is to pull off him just Tuesday in the victim to us prefer -- -- today. Here he's using a three -- anyone can download and typing in a spoof number that'll appear on my caller ID in this case it's my bank. But -- he really sounds like this. I'm -- -- caller front face fraud department I'm hearing a woman. Like you can bet you know it -- About another and it. By being able to do this I cannot only change the phone number but I can also change my reports. And make you think that I'm calling from somewhere else and then I sound like someone else makes it varies -- -- very convincing. Now you should know that spoofing to steal is illegal but it's still happening and security experts say that there is one good way to protect yourself. Don't -- give out personal information to people who call you. David hanging up the phone and call them back -- that even distort the voice right there that you say hang up call the number back -- the only safe way. Mark thank you.

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{"id":15946544,"title":"Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Scams","duration":"1:58","description":"Tips to protect yourself from the newest cellphone scam.","url":"/WNT/video/cell-phone-scam-tips-avoid-call-15946544","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}