The Challenge for Lawmakers to Give Up Their Pay

Some lawmakers have agreed to give up their pay for the length of the shutdown.
2:05 | 10/17/13

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Transcript for The Challenge for Lawmakers to Give Up Their Pay
So what does congress do after the shutdown? Law makers simply cleared out of washington. The house will return after five days. The senate will return after more than a week. Speaker of the house john boehner spotted boarding a plane to ohio. As they travel, one of their colleagues issued a kind of challenge. He is giving his way back to the u.S. Government for those 16 days of gridlock. Abc's jeff zeleny decided to ask others if they'll do the same. Reporter: This morning congressman frank loblando sent the treasury department a check for $5,000. He enclosed a note. The check is a repayment of my salary incurred during the 16 day period of the partial government shutdown. I come home every weekend. I have to look people in the eye. The idea of me keeping the money was unconscionable. Reporter: Since it was congress shutting the government down one of the questions you asked us should they get paid. Some law makers were defiant. I'm going to continue to get my salary. I'm working. Everybody that gets paid for working. Reporter: How many congress members will do what frank loblando did and give their paychecks back? We wanted to ask law makers but on the day the government turned on, congress took off, the hall ways here on capitol hill empty. Abc news called or e-mailed every office of senator who voted no on re-opening the government. Is the senator planning on cutting a check to the treasury. 33 percent said they would donate theirs to charity. 116 did not respond. Only 13 members said they were keeping their salaries. A spokesman for jim bridenstine from oklahoma said he worked harder than ever during the shutdown. Congressman loblando has this message. Every member is going to have to go back to their stitch wents and tell them why they did what they did.

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{"id":20605346,"title":"The Challenge for Lawmakers to Give Up Their Pay","duration":"2:05","description":"Some lawmakers have agreed to give up their pay for the length of the shutdown.","url":"/WNT/video/challenge-lawmakers-give-pay-20605346","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}