Chicago Weather: Snow Cancels 500 Flights

First major winter storm dumps snow across the Midwest.
2:22 | 01/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chicago Weather: Snow Cancels 500 Flights
The first major winter storm has finally arrived and it is not wasting any time this storm has dumped more snow in Chicago women hours. -- the windy city has seen all season. Chaos on the roads now -- that the airports more than 500 flights canceled and counting. And this is what it looks like a massive winter system bearing down. On the midwest and ABC's whether editor Sam Champion is tracking the storm from Chicago tonight where it's 22 and called Sam. Good evening Diane and tonight a reminder of what winter should be. Cold air and blowing snow -- -- -- because this time last year Chicago and had about 22 inches as snell. Tonight they're bracing for their first significant snow of the season. The storm is throwing. A brutal punch of winter from Colorado to Kentucky causing dangerous travel conditions and at least -- -- Iowa. -- Chicago more than 500 flights are canceled and people -- rushing to stock up on shovels and salt for their biggest snowfall of the season so far. We'll shovel it out lay down so. And hope it goes away -- London. It's been an odd year Chicago usually receives more than 13 of its annual snowfall by this time that's about fourteen inches. This winter they've barely gotten -- officially one point seven inches that's because the Arctic air mass for weeks has been kept far north by the jet -- But it's finally marching south. Bringing sub freezing temperatures. And was -- -- at times an inch an hour it brings back memories of the massive blizzard last February that led to a graveyard of cars being stranded. On lake shore drive. In less than thirty minutes three accidents here on lake shore drive brought traffic to a standstill. And you've got to imagine the -- coming off the lake at that moment where about fifty miles per hour and blinding snow. 900 cars stopped and covered. Today here is no command they are not only tracking the weather but their entire fleet of 300 snowplows and with -- new web site you contract -- two. Right from bore you go directly to address. And see where the -- is another tool for those bracing for the storm. And this storm moves pretty quickly from the midwest -- the great legs -- -- here by tomorrow midmorning but it's got a mountain snow delivery for New England about a foot of snow there are starting tomorrow Diane. Most are bracing here thank you Sam.

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{"id":15350061,"title":"Chicago Weather: Snow Cancels 500 Flights","duration":"2:22","description":"First major winter storm dumps snow across the Midwest.","url":"/WNT/video/chicago-weather-snow-cancels-500-flights-15350061","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}