Child Surfing Prodigy Makes Big Waves

Quincy "The Flying Squirrel" Symonds may be the best 6-year-old surfer on the planet.
1:35 | 08/16/14

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Transcript for Child Surfing Prodigy Makes Big Waves
All right, time now for our nstant index." Starting with Hillary Clinton getting pranked by none ot$er than frank Underwood. "House of cards" star Kevin spacey channeling his alter ego and also channeling bill Clinton in this parody video, just released by the Clinton foundation. Look, we have to talk about this baby name for Chelsea. 'Ow, I was thinking, if it's a boy, we should encourage them to name him frank. And if it's a girl, what do you think about Claire? I was actually thinking of pushing for the name Kevin, if it's a boy. Kevin, will you please just sign my husband's birthday card already? Spacey does a pretty good Clinton, we should say. Clinton turns 68 on Tuesday. Next, to a little surfer making big waves. Quincy Simmons is nicknamed the flying squirrel. She may be the best 6-year-old surefuler O' Earth. She's also a speed skater. And she's climbed to the top while overcoming major odds, battling a genetic disorder that means taking steroids three times a day. It has, however, barely slowed her down. She's already gained multiple sponsors in her home country of Australia and a fanatical following on social media. Well deserved. And warming our hearts back hereto home, a kiss from an adorable little marmot. Green peace set up a go pro camera to film time lapse video of melting glaciers at Montana's glacier national park when this little guy appeared out of nowhe)e, getting up close and personal. It is very cute. But we should say that shrinking tundra does threaten the natural habitat of these little guys. Love him licking the lens.

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{"id":25010002,"title":"Child Surfing Prodigy Makes Big Waves","duration":"1:35","description":"Quincy \"The Flying Squirrel\" Symonds may be the best 6-year-old surfer on the planet.","url":"/WNT/video/child-surfing-prodigy-makes-big-waves-25010002","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}