Child takes first steps in years

Grayson Ketchie, 9, took his first steps in nearly three years with the help of his favorite mascot, Ms. Wuf.
2:00 | 08/09/20

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Transcript for Child takes first steps in years
Finally tonight, the child facing major challenges taking his first steps in years walking into the arms of a close friend. That's Grayson Ketchie from North Carolina taking his first steps in nearly three years, the moment posted by his mom on Twitter, saying "It's been a huge day in our house!" That clip now viewed nearly 10 million times. I was so overwhelmed. Just a normal mom who just posted a video of her kid. It's just crazy. Reporter: 9-year-old Grayson has faced medical challenges since birth and is nonverbal. Two years ago at this at this N.C. State basketball game, his adoptive parents Tim and Dianne said, he and the team mascot, also known as Ms. Wuf, made a life-changing connection and a breakthrough moment. For the first time ever Grayson started communicating, his mother, Dianne, telling our WTVD. I could not have been happier. That really was sort of a life-changing moment for us. Reporter: The student behind the mascot, Gus Camille. Gus and Grayson forming an immediate and lasting friendship. Grayson and Ms. Wuf had an instant connection. It was just easy. It was. Reporter: After Grayson's 20th major surgery he had to learn to walk again. He really has that never give up spirit. He is a fighter. When the odds are stacked against him, he always pulls through. Reporter: So with the help of Gus and the entire N.C. State community, it became a team effort. It was just kind of getting the confidence and finally figuring out that it was something we could do so it was definitely an emotional moment. Come on. Reporter: And here is that moment once again. Grayson taking those steps. You did it! He's just our normal kiddo. But people like to have something that gives them some hope. If we can provide some sunshine to people, that's the least we can do. We are so proud of Grayson. Keep it up. We are rooting for Ribeiro: Here's a sneak peek at tonight's "Afv."

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"Grayson Ketchie, 9, took his first steps in nearly three years with the help of his favorite mascot, Ms. Wuf. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"72272714","title":"Child takes first steps in years","url":"/WNT/video/child-takes-steps-years-72272714"}