Why China's VP Goes to Iowa

China's heir apparent, Xi Jinping, reveals surprising ties to America.
2:30 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for Why China's VP Goes to Iowa
Everyone in this country finally got to take a closer look at the man is destined to be our number one competitor the leader of China. His name is -- changing and his story is full of surprises daughter at Harvard. And why did he request to visit a hog farm in Iowa. ABC's Jake Tapper tells us about this new political giant tonight. This man is likely about the rules one point three billion people. So when Chinese vice president she -- pain came to the White House today he was welcomed warmly I hope your wonderful visit -- I'm sure the American people -- hero. Meeting with the president are very special guest of honor honored at a State Department luncheon and visits with the Pentagon and later business leaders. He's shown signs of -- -- Married to a famous folk singer and their country kind of China's version of -- -- GE. Their daughter attends Harvard. And tomorrow vice president she will return -- -- mosque eighteen Iowa -- in 1985 she then -- the mid level Communist official. Visited to learn about hog raising techniques he spent two nights in this home with an Iowa family in their college age son's bedroom. Which was -- at the time with Star Trek decorations. Sarah lady helped coordinate that visit. We really welcomed him into our home has one of us you know he slept in the kids room he -- around our dining room tables. We we we Jess gave him and I -- welcome. She will soon have a lot on his plate in the US while welcoming his skeptical we want to work with China. To make sure that everybody is working by the same. Rules of the road when it comes to. The world economic system. Among the problems officials here believe China is manipulating its currency to keep its own prices -- Hurting American workers US companies constantly complain about Chinese theft of intellectual property. Check out this Chinese car made to look like a Ford. A lot of time. And then of course the concerns of these protesters outside the White House today human rights. And Diane for his part vice president -- noted that this year marks the fortieth anniversary of Nixon going to China. Ushering in the new US Chinese relationship -- he quoted an old Chinese proverb when you drink water. Don't forget those who dug the well.

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{"id":15605381,"title":"Why China's VP Goes to Iowa","duration":"2:30","description":"China's heir apparent, Xi Jinping, reveals surprising ties to America.","url":"/WNT/video/chinas-vice-president-visits-us-15605381","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}