Christie Vetoes Gay Marriage Bill

The New Jersey governor responds to critics of his action.
2:34 | 02/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Christie Vetoes Gay Marriage Bill
Governor from New Jersey Chris Christie finding himself in the spotlight and one of the most highly charged social issues of our day gay marriage. Tonight a bill legalizing same sex marriage approved by the New Jersey legislature has been vetoed by Chris -- Listening to his critics as only he can he will play this chess game to the finish. ABC's Dan Harris explains. It. He is one of America's most compelling political figures wrestling -- one of America's most contentious political issue you've got to be able to call BS it's. In his own inimitable and sometimes on -- -- -- style you have. Numb -- like -- tonight after the New Jersey legislature just voted to legalize gay marriage governor Chris Christie has single handedly -- I believe that the institution of marriage. As its judicially -- between one man and one woman and that should stay that way -- But he has offered an alternative to put the issue on the ballot whether or not to redefine -- for two years. Of societal. And religious. Traditions. Should not be decided. By 121 people. In this. Statehouse in Trenton. Many call that a brilliant political play Christie would not completely stand in the way of gay marriage. But he would also avoid alienating conservative voters in the rest of America. Whose support he may need if he runs for president Sunday. Or as many have predicted for vice president this fall but critics say in America we don't put minority rights two majority vote. And it's un American and I think it's arrogant and he may not mean to be arrogant about it but in his. Effort to be politically expedient in his effort to -- preserve his political options he's coming off as very arrogant. Gay marriage has made some headway recently now legal in seven states and Washington DC passing in New York last year and in Washington State just last week. But tonight in New Jersey it has run into a one man's. Roadblock. So what happens now and what about the other referendums and other states there have been. Two dozen or more referenda across the country in almost every time gay marriage loses which really -- thing is there's a divide in this country. Younger Americans much more likely to support gay marriage it's for that reason that often some Christian conservative leaders and even told me they think eventually. Gay marriage will be nationalized in this country so younger tend to vote in favor offense and then there's the vibe about exactly right OK thank you --

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{"id":15732356,"title":"Christie Vetoes Gay Marriage Bill","duration":"2:34","description":"The New Jersey governor responds to critics of his action. ","url":"/WNT/video/chris-christie-vetoes-gay-marriage-bill-new-jersey-governor-critics-politics-15732356","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}