Christmas Blizzards Threaten

West digs out of deadly snow storm; East Coast braces for severe weather.
2:30 | 12/20/11

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Transcript for Christmas Blizzards Threaten
Tonight from one end of the country to the other all eyes are on the weather. In the west they're digging out after a deadly blizzard roared through leaving behind a sloppy mess. And here in the east were bracing for a storm that could threaten holiday travel plans for millions. ABC news meteorologist ginger -- has been tracking both storms and she's in Dodge City, Kansas tonight good -- ginger. Good evening George. This is a common scene around this region knee high snow drifts people just thinking out and -- better for the first time becoming passable. As this ferocious storm -- off to the east we -- six people have lost their lives. Over a foot of snow and ten foot drifts blanketed the southwest overnight. A blizzard with white out conditions that brought major interstates to a halt motorists throughout the great plains stranded. Southeast Colorado buried under almost two feet of snow and gusting winds and frozen roads caused deadly accidents -- Slowed -- -- -- in the media was they have several hours -- Three hours to get 39. The National Guard forced to make rescues in Texas and Colorado as 911 dispatchers were inundated with calls. In New Mexico a radio -- from one. -- -- An -- couple of location and he has. People are not truly had just look at eight PP. In Dodge City, Kansas we went out with Mark Davis at the end of a 36 hour -- working. The roads this big storm I was very big storm and and the wind last night was absolutely horrible. Today's storm will continue its -- he's bringing heavy rain during this major holiday travel week. And then a new storm forms a nor'easter that has parts of the northeast flirting with a white Christmas a novel thought for an area that so far has been so unseasonably mild. The storm builds from the mid Atlantic through the northeast Friday bringing mostly -- to major cities. But for areas inland the forecast now calling for snow by Christmas. No matter what type of precipitation you are going to get these storms mean travel issues especially for New York Atlanta and Denver just a couple of -- that we will be watching. Very closely.

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{"id":15201351,"title":"Christmas Blizzards Threaten","duration":"2:30","description":"West digs out of deadly snow storm; East Coast braces for severe weather.","url":"/WNT/video/christmas-blizzards-threaten-travel-15201351","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}