Early Christmas

Neighbors bring holiday spirit to stricken 5-year-old boy.
3:00 | 09/30/12

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Transcript for Early Christmas
still says september on the calendar, but in one virginia town, it looks a lot like late december, all because of a little boy's christmas wish coming true. Little 5-year-old nathan norman is getting the mail and lots of it. So much so, his entire family right there helping him, mom, dad, his sister there too. You got it? Reporter: Their mailbox already overflowing with christmas cards. Nathan, racing in to wish you a merry christmas. Reporter: The holiday coming early for a boy who wanted it to. Nathan has been fighting cancer since he was just a year old. His mom and dad and the phone calls had come at all hours of the day. It's never good when the doctor's office calls you after hours. Reporter: What started as brain cancer has spread. He's had surgery and chemotherapy, and he's fighting it, but his latest scan showed the tumors have been stubborn, and even at 5, knowing he's up against a fight, he said that the one thing that would make him happy, get him through it is to celebrate an early christmas. Nathan had asked when we got home, if we would put up our christmas tree and our lights, that he thought that would make him feel better. Reporter: And this weekend it wasn't just christmas at nathan's house. Hello. Reporter: It was christmas all through the neighborhood. The people next door putting up their christmas lights too, and indoors nathan was invited to decorate their tree, even the christmas cookies. Sugar cookie is your favorite, right? Reporter: The neighbors telling little nathan and his family, we're in this together. We've pretty much walked this journey with him since the beginning, and so it was never really a question of if we were going to do it. When he asked for it to be christmas in the middle of september, you just do it. And so what we have right now IS CHRISTMAS ON SEPTEMBER 26th, 2012. Reporter: Aware of the fight ahead for nathan, they still plan on celebrating christmas WITH HIM ON DECEMBER 25th, BUT They're hoping an early christmas gift and a neighborhood behind him will get him there. If he asks us to leave it up, we may leave it up all year because, you know, in all honesty, every day should be like christmas. I mean we should always have that spirit of christmas in us. The american town where the holl lay lights will be up through christmasment we're pulling for nathan.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Neighbors bring holiday spirit to stricken 5-year-old boy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"17362209","title":"Early Christmas","url":"/WNT/video/early-christmas-17362209"}