Made In America: Holiday Season Creates US Jobs

"World News" reveals which American-made products made it under Christmas trees in 2012.
3:42 | 12/27/12

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Transcript for Made In America: Holiday Season Creates US Jobs
america tonight and to a hopeful headline from ford tonight. In fact, the automaker announcing an ambitious investment plan, to create more than 2,300 new jobs. That's great news. And speaking of made in america, after our month-long made in america christmas challenge, tonight, the big reveal here. We're inside factories big and small tonight, saying thank you, for the joy and the jobs you helped create. Merry christmas. Reporter: It was the made in america christmas challenge. You see the christmas lights areup. People across the country, even the mall of america. Inside, santa takes those requests. David muir with "world news." How are you? Oh, good. Reporter: I'm just curious. Of the kids sitting on santa's lap, how much what they're asking for is made in america? Oh, oh. I guess -- ah -- I guess -- i guess -- Reporter: You'll remember, even the elf was stumped, telling us he couldn't answer those kinds ofquestions. If you look closely, we guaranteed you could find made in america. Just one thing, $64, creates 200,000 jobs, say economists. And it turns out, you found it. Viewers like kerry, from iowa. You have to see. Reporter: New plates and that couch. Proudly made in america. Reporter: The grand total "world news" viewers, pledging more than $1 million of made in america gifts this year. The neighbors waving outside st. Louis, missouri, that sign welcomed made in america. Come in. Reporter: Thank you. Arianna russell, making protective cases for the iphone. Her own made in america ads on youtube. A little humor. Bull when we asked why she's determined to make it in america? To -- that's so weird. Why I am crying? Reporter: She said, simply, her father is a veteran. And when you heard that, you bought 4,121 iphone cases. Her biggest month ever. She's hiring five new workers ever. Thank you, "world news"! Reporter: Then, the viewers determined to find american-made toys. Showing us kix. The company saying more than 7 million boxes sold. Made in america! Reporter: Entire towns joining in. Vermont, that town hall cheer. You bet we're in! Reporter: And they've hired five new workers tonight. At spooner boards in california, they're spinning, all right. After our first report on the company, five new employees. Their riding the v what. Made in america! Reporter: And you'll remember who we found in her dressing room. Hey, whoopi. Merry christmas. You guys are great. Your sh Reporter: It turns out, in minnesota, whoopi wasn't the only customer. Sales doubled since last year. 80 additional people since our last report? Yes. Reporter: And this message from the mill. Thank you, "world news"! Reporter: And remember the american-made wrench, the inventor who hoped to sell at sears again this christmas? No new order from them, but we traveled to the assembly line. This is just one of the wrenches that was pack, ready to go to sears. They are unpackaging all of them, paula ripping it out of the container. They are repackaging them and trying to send them to other retailers, hoping they can sell them for the holiday. Reporter: Forget the retailers, enter "world news" viewers. Tonight, 8,000 wrenches sold. And finally, those hoodies. From american giant in san francisco. Telling us tonight, they are sold out of everything. Hiring 1 new employees right now, as we zip up our made in america christmas.

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{"id":18079340,"title":"Made In America: Holiday Season Creates US Jobs","duration":"3:42","description":"\"World News\" reveals which American-made products made it under Christmas trees in 2012.","url":"/WNT/video/christmas-gift-ideas-products-made-america-holiday-season-18079340","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}