Christmas Gifts Made in Iowa

"Made in America" movement travels to the heartland.
2:35 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Christmas Gifts Made in Iowa
Take a look -- your ideas -- made in America Christmas are still pouring in please keep them coming. And we remind ourselves of each of us spend 64 dollars on something made right here at home this holiday. We can create tens of thousands of American jobs and when I was in the Moines a lot of -- said there and it made in America. I can explain -- but Eyewitness News carried locally. So please let things their -- an island and I -- Sarah. We're -- it's. -- -- -- -- Fox. Yes another chapter one of -- should note that -- what -- America with the grapes. -- in search of Iowa why it in -- before prohibition Iowa was the sixth largest wine producer in America. Today my duties like Summers are helping -- stay back on the map even regularly meddling in national competitions. Catalog -- cold front porch. Think. What else what else what else to take blue cheeses on the weights and stayed in Iowa. It's. What a party -- -- to Iowa thank you. Blue cheese wine and soft -- and a lot of you wrote us to share other things made in Iowa. David mark said he's buying a -- -- percent of this year's Christmas gifts made here at home and told us about fox -- and Osage. A 100 -- company and the red heeled socks and the inspiration for the iconic sock monkey. Monica and she's told us the best knives ever. Viewers pointed to -- amana Iowa Woolen scarves blankets handmade clocks made -- for more than a hundred years. For the special notice for Donna young who wrote from Davenport Iowa. Where -- that's been around for. Sixty years. The previous owners at one point made a decision to outsource to China now that decision has completely reversed. She said she and her two co workers refinance their homes and secure a small business loans. Because they won by the company -- -- seventy employees working right here. At home. Now it's back in the hands of employees who are going to take good care of it and keep it made locally right here in Iowa mean -- -- in an act.

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{"id":15141961,"title":"Christmas Gifts Made in Iowa","duration":"2:35","description":"\"Made in America\" movement travels to the heartland.","url":"/WNT/video/christmas-gifts-made-iowa-15141961","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}