Christmas Retail Numbers Up

Strong holiday shopping season could bode well for economic recovery.
1:49 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Christmas Retail Numbers Up
And it is another sign that this economy is shaping up to be strong this holiday season so why -- Americans spending more than expected. And one of the best selling items so far this year his ABC's anchor -- be comical intrigue him. Teams this season to shop today consumers across the country rushed to get their last minute online orders in. Hoping to beat retailers deadlines which guarantee free shipping and pre Christmas deliberate. Americans have spent 25 billion dollars online so far this year an astounding 15% more than last year. Brick and mortar retailers are booming too. Record Black Friday weekend shopping. And expectations that the entire season will see spending grow with the fastest pace since before the Great Recession. It's really a sign of have a nation of procrastinators as well as and that. A if you look at the ten days leading up to Christmas about 40% of the overall holiday seizing gets purchased back so people -- are really -- -- to the -- When they know they can get some great. And with more shopping there's -- and more shipping. Today is the busiest shipping day of the year. FedEx says it will see a record seventeen million packages rushing through that system it's looking like the holiday retail boom is likely going to continue. Great news -- consumer spending is the biggest part of the American economy. So for all of diehard procrastinators -- and we some research around today found that for most online retailers this Friday. December 16 at the last they can get free shipping guarantee to arrive before the Christmas weekend so -- more days Diane.

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{"id":15141785,"title":"Christmas Retail Numbers Up","duration":"1:49","description":"Strong holiday shopping season could bode well for economic recovery.","url":"/WNT/video/christmas-retail-numbers-15141785","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}