Christmas Shopping 'Made in America'

Purchasing one gift item manufactured in the U.S. could help to create jobs.
4:32 | 11/30/11

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Transcript for Christmas Shopping 'Made in America'
The countdown has begun less than four weeks until Christmas and guess -- is really really excited about what's under your -- China. Which makes billions of dollars off of US Christmas shopping so are made in America team sprang into action. Looking get what economists say we can do if every American spends just 64 dollars you know that number. On -- president made right here at home this Christmas just one present. We could create 200000. American jobs. So ABC's anchor and team captain David Muir is here now laying out his challenge David. We hope -- be fun Diane in this very simple just think at home one holiday gift this year. Made in America. With the polity shopping season here -- always hated America we were back out today with the simple question for shoppers. -- behavior with ABC and -- and it turned out they knew we were going to ask before we even asked lowers assigned -- Now I know I know I know -- shot. Up. But there was ever -- -- and those sweaters he bought for the family where we're China but he also bought what's called a Y air recordings already wrapped by distort. So he's hoping -- -- and and so our economists -- -- -- the average American -- 700 dollars on holiday gifts every year what collectively Christmas. Chances are you asked that question today the answer isn't something made in America. But it wasn't always this way in the 19. Out of every ten products Americans bought for the holidays were made in America to date it's less than half. In other words more than half of what we buy for the holiday -- foreign made. -- Africa and -- -- -- American journey that few of the Texas Minnesota Montana tonight but you know. You know the average American spent 700 dollars on Christmas or holiday gifts. And remember what we heard from those economist to 64 dollars of that less than 10%. It's all it would take to create -- 200000 jobs so where would you spend your money this year here. On a toy train we found made in Indiana or on the train that cost the same made in China. Because it's not Santa's elves making these toys. -- exploding middle class in China. We're paying them less Christmas American spent five point one billion dollars of holiday toys from China you know that Eddie Williams on. It's the most wonderful time of the year is that true for China -- It's actually true we are giving gifts of billions of dollars to China over the holiday season. And -- Lebanon. Long lines and -- kinds of -- In this market. Remember world news took -- even China were more than a million products but it should after the US the balls to balloons. The BBs. -- me. -- -- -- Down this hallway right here -- us. Even Santa -- -- China. We all know that some of the things on your holiday list you just won't find in America but remember economist told us all things equal. It's just one thing 64 dollars of that 700 so many spend. To create jobs for Christmas so we took that formula. -- the closest thing to a red -- It put on some Andy Williams in went all the way back to work late in America began spillway drive Dallas Texas remember that great family nearly a year ago. Today -- world is wishing they had answered the door to everything not -- America was all that was left that base. Now we're back the rate this time came armed with a simple holiday question would be just reads. Families across America are you in cigarette brand. Are you win we're on to something here we opened spread across this country and by the way after that shopper -- his wine carrier wrapped. We went and -- -- ourselves wrapped it. Made in America. One. Here are very -- -- -- for -- well as you know today there were hoping that all of you will join us in creating a sort of made in America Christmas tree on the line with wonderful gifts made right here at home. The emails are already pouring in thank you thank you we -- hearing from Cassandra and Virginia about the -- this Tom -- They keep liquids hot -- cold for picnics can even be Monica -- Made in America so head slash world news for others and tell us something you love and an email FaceBook tweet that link. Along to all of your friends and family so keep the Christmas tree. Growing.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Purchasing one gift item manufactured in the U.S. could help to create jobs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15051950","title":"Christmas Shopping 'Made in America'","url":"/WNT/video/christmas-shopping-made-america-15051950"}