Did Clint Eastwood's Speech Overshadow Mitt Romney?

Actor's rambling appeared to displease vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for Did Clint Eastwood's Speech Overshadow Mitt Romney?
As we said, republican presidential candidate mitt romney was in th storm zone today but roughly 24 hours ago he was accepting his party's presidential nomination at the republican national convention with more than 30 million viewers. It was a night that saw the nominee at risk of being overshadowed by a hollywood icon and an empty chair. It's your voice your vote and here is abc's jon karl. Reporter: For mitt romney, a new campaign plane, and high hopes for a boost from the republican convention. We love this country, and we're taking it back. Reporter: His big speech touched on his personal story and attempted to reach people who voted for barack obama, but aren't thrilled with the results. You know there's something wrong with the kind of job he's done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him. Reporter: It was a speech with few specifics, but some big promises -- 12 million new jobs, energy independence, and a better future. Our children deserve it, our nation depends upon it, the peace and freedom of the world require it. And with your help, we will deliver it. Let us begin that future for america tonight. Reporter: The republican faithful seemed to love it, but speech was preceded by one of the strangest convention performances ever -- a much-hyped mystery guest, 82-year-old clint eastwood kicked off the convention's most important hour. He used an empty chair to signify president obama and about his policies. The performance was bizarre, rambling, and borderline vulgar. I can't tell him to do that, can't do that to himself. You're crazy. You're absolutely crazy. Reporter: Scheduled to speak for six minutes, he went on almost twice as long. In the v.I.P. Box paul ryan checked his watch. And ann romney said she voiced support she later said she wished more people had seen more about the romney family. I hate to say it, but often, I had more than five sons. I had six sons. How ya doing, knucklesnorts! Reporter: The video had to be moved to a less prime hour to make time for clinton eastwood. Jon karl joins us from washington. The romney campaign is putting oy good face but that is the real feeling behind the scenes about eastwood's performance last night? Reporter: Well, one leading indicator of this is I've talked to a number of top romney aides, asked them about this and what they really wanted me to know was they had nothing to do with the idea, in some cases didn't know he was doing. But they told us that romney was backstage watching this performance and they claim he was laughing during the performance and enjoying it but it is telling that nobody seems to want to take ownership of the idea to invite him out there in the first place. Failure has a million orphans or whatever the saying is. The cameras were fixed on

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{"id":17130769,"title":"Did Clint Eastwood's Speech Overshadow Mitt Romney?","duration":"3:00","description":"Actor's rambling appeared to displease vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan.","url":"/WNT/video/clint-eastwoods-speech-overshadow-mitt-romney-17130769","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}