New Clues in the Mystery Flight

Was it hijacking? Were the pilots trying to save the flight?
3:00 | 03/18/14

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Transcript for New Clues in the Mystery Flight
As we come on the air, it is now 11 days since that passenger jet vanished into thin air. And all day long, new theories have been emerging around the globe. Is it possible something caused the pilots to pass out? Were they simply testing those communications when they turned them off? Tonight, ABC's David Kerley breaks down the latest facts we know, tonight. Reporter: The mystery of flight 370 came no closer to being solved when, again, today the Malaysian government, changed the story. So few facts have produced so many theories. The long-time pilot who wrote, it could have been a fire in the cockpit that brought that big turn off the flight path. But U.S. Sources say they remain focused on what appears to be a deliberate act. And it is all because of the tidbits of information we do have. As we first reported this weekend, a source says someone programmed the autopilot for that dramatic left turn off the flight path before 1:07 A.M. 12 minutes later, the final radio call to Malaysia controllers, reportedly from the co-pilot. All right, good night, is what he said. No sign of trouble. Two minutes later, the location transponder goes dead. At some point, another communication system stops working, too. And the hard bank to the leftmalaysia, and apparently turning into the Indian ocean. The shutdown of the systems, all the turns, tells investigators someone was at the controls that wanted to disappear. Even that is not a complete timeline 11 days in. 11 frustrating days from confusing from Malaysian officials. Example, when a communication system shut down. Was it before the last radio call? It was disabled before. Reporter: Then, two days later. We cannot determine when it was disabled. It leads to a lot of speculation, not just within the public and the media. Also within people involved in the investigation and in the search. Reporter: Some of the news today. Thailand said its radar did see the plane around Malaysia. More proof of that turn. And tonight, we have an area near Australia. It's the size of Texas, where the latest intensive search for this missing jetliner is under way, including a high-tech U.S. Navy plane. But a reminder, Diane. In these aviation incidents, just a couple tidbits of data can dramatically shift and change the focus of this investigation.

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{"id":22962397,"title":"New Clues in the Mystery Flight","duration":"3:00","description":"Was it hijacking? Were the pilots trying to save the flight?","url":"/WNT/video/clues-mystery-flight-22962397","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}